10 Benefits of Using Organic Cotton Sheet Set

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First things first. Not all cotton is organic and only the cotton which is authentic organic cotton. Now that we have established what you need to look for in organic cotton, here’s all that you need to know about Organic Cotton Sheet Set.

Benefits of using organic cotton sheet set

Here are 10 Benefits of using organic cotton sheets you must remember the next time you go to bed. Asking for quite a lot? Trust me it’s important to keep these pointers in mind, after all it’s all about your sleep.

Benefit 1:

Did you know we spend one-third of our entire lives sleeping? If that be the case, wouldn’t you read further to know why organic cotton sheets are so important? That’s the first benefit to start with.

Benefit 2:

Being eco-friendly and adapting a sustainable lifestyle is not restricted to your bags and kitchen and clothes alone. It extends to every aspect of your living and bedding sure is a very important and a significant one. Using organic cotton sheets ensure your sleep and the time spent on the bed is a responsible way of life. You are contributing to the dying planet. Yes, dying is a strong word to use but it’s sure not far with the way things are going.

Benefit 3:

We are most vulnerable when we sleep. We give in to all our senses. And that’s the time when we need to be free of harmful chemicals and dyes. Manufactured as per the guidelines synthetics, pesticides and herbicides which might have latent and long-term effect on human body at some point in life.

Benefit 4:

We all love to buy things that are value for money. The organic cotton sheet set is an absolute economic way to go natural. Being free of chemicals, the sheets are much stronger and durable than non-organic sheets. The capacity to withstand normal wear and tear is also higher in organic cotton sheets, therefore they fall cheaper if you calculate the price you pay in terms of the years you use it for.

Benefit 5:

Whenever the sheets are not in a state to be used, they can be discarded without any implications on the environment as they are bio-degradable and will disintegrate into nature by itself.

Benefit 6:

Nothing in the world comes before your health. If you or any of your loved ones have allergic conditions, especially if you have kids at home, then look no further and go only for organic cotton sheets. Non-organic sheets are also known to cause respiratory reactions in some people. Most of these conditions are such that we are not always aware of them till we suffer. With organic cotton sheets you don’t have to worry about such conditions in your life.

Benefit 7:

Our skin is what wraps us up in all its health and sheen. It hydrates and restores itself while we sleep. And when our sleep is deep and sound, our skin works on itself better. So, a good sleep on a comfortable sheet is also the secret of a healthy skin. You can also keep any kind of skin reactions or irritations away with organic cotton sheets. Once again, it’s a must with babies around in the house with their over sensitive skin.

Benefit 8:

A good sleep ensures a better performing and a happier You. Organic cotton sheets being breathable ensure air circulation which helps you remain cool through the duration you sleep. The fabric being natural, feels smoother and softer to sleep on. Softness is also directly proportionate to the thread count of a sheet. A range between 200-600 thread count is desirable for a soft fabric.

Benefit 9:

Maintaining the organic cotton sheets is not very difficult, if you follow a regular laundry schedule. Machine wash them at normal temperature and if you wish to be a little more environmentally conscious, let them dry on a clothesline instead of the drier. To retain the look and feel iron them at less than 30 degree Celsius. The whites will never disappoint you. It will brighten up your room and blend in with the colors of the wall and furniture.

Benefit 10:

A well-rested mind and body is happier and is insured to long term health gains. Organic cotton bedsheets provide sleep solutions. Also, when you are buying organic cotton sheet sets, you are empowering the ethical business fraternity and supporting the workforce who design and manufacture these household essentials.

It’s time we wake up and get the best organic cotton sheets for our loved ones for a safe, peaceful and quality sleep.