Celebrating World Bicycle Day

Celebrating World Bicycle Day

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Time to pedal!!!

Hey everyone, time to thumbs up! More precisely to quote legs up! Today is one of the special days that are not widely celebrated, but to be Celebrated to stay healthy and charming. World Bicycle Day is what 3rd June has for us. So pedal every day, not only today if you really wanna stay healthy.

Do you know, pedaling one kilometer a day and 30 kilometers a month is far enough to beat horrendous health issues, experts say? So let's pedal from this morning and continue swinging the same in evening and stay fit and fine. But cycling itself is not an easy peasy job, it requires concentration, confidence, and energy to keep out frustration. Yes, let me say how?

Before you start pedaling, look at your checklist - Am I ready with the want's and don'ts for a short journey?

Here are some which we think should be added to your checklist. If you think anything other than to be added, let us know in comments.

* Confidence- The foremost thing one needed for everything to achieve a goal.

* Cotton kerchief- to wipe the sweat off your face with soft bristles of organic cotton sheet.

* Cap to crown you and shield you from blistering heat: The need of the hour. Not only the textile shield will reflect the heat but will turn you into the center of attraction.

* A reusable all cotton and linen bag: This is to hold all your necessities such water bottle, juice container or cookie box- one need for travel in one place.

Did I forget anything?

Yes two things, One is the timer if you're a fitness guy and the other is your better half. Don't forget to let the other know you're on a mission with all organic essentials including cotton kerchiefs, napkins, and cotton bags equipped.

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