How to take care of tablecloths?

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I love tablecloths. They not just protect the surface of the tables but gives the room a more complete look. The room feels well put together and cohesive. The special ones that are kept aside for occasions and festivals are a joy. They make the home look festive and the guests more welcomed.

Many of my friends avoid tablecloths due to the extra work of maintaining them. I feel it’s just a matter of habit. I always use 100% cotton tablecloths. They are sustainable, durable, reusable, and biodegradable. I feel they both look and feel better.

Checkered Tablecloth

What you need to do is act fast whenever there is a spillage on the tablecloth. Since 100% cotton tablecloths are absorbent, the chances of them getting stained is higher. If you are in between things, you can postpone the washing, but make sure you address the area of the tablecloth with the stain. It becomes much easier to maintain cotton tablecloths if you are vigilant.

Follow a regular laundry schedule for your tablecloths too. Don’t leave them unattended for too long. If there are marks and stains you can soak it before dropping them off in the washing machine. Use normal temperature water and always wash them in a gentle cycle, followed by a tumble dry. You could even dry them on a clothesline to be more eco-friendly.

You could leave them a little wrinkled and fold them well till you iron them before using it the next time. Else if you wish to iron them before storing, then the best time to do is when they are slightly damp at 40 degree Celsius.

So, use tablecloths without a worry and add a pattern, color, and warmth to your homes.