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Country striped tablecloth
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Country Stripe Tablecloth - Red and White

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 Quantity Single Piece
 Size 63X109" and 63X126"
 Material 100% Cotton
 Color Red and Cream White

  • Red and White Striped Tablecloth for Rectangular Hemstitched in rounded corners to enhance reliability.
  • Red Tablecloth Cotton Perfect for everyday use, holidays, catering, special occasions, dinners, brunches, potlucks, bbq's, buffets, showers, and more
  • Cotton Tablecloth Rectangle for indoor and outdoor use; Cotton tablecloth has a seamless one-piece design
  • Red Tablecloth Rectangle For good results, we recommend washing them at normal-level water and ironing at 40-degree Celsius.
  • Dining Tablecloth - Cotton Tablecloth Eco-friendly, since the Cotton Tablecloth has been dyed with natural essentials.
  • Machine washable, wash in cold water - gentle cycle - tumble dry - low iron
  • Some things are functional, while others are ornamental. Tablecloths are both. It not just covers the surface and protects your table from the scratches and the spills, but it adds warmth, color and a pattern to your home.
  • There are a range of designs available these days but not quite sure how environmentally friendly the fabrics are. Keeping the growing environmental concerns, with regards to the individual health and protection of the diversified ecosystem.
  • We at All Cotton and Linen have designed the Cotton red and white Stripe Tablecloths. When we are all so concerned about the food we will consume, we should extend a similar concern to the red and white tablecloths on which we are consuming the meals.
cotton tablecloth

Country Stripe Tablecloth:

  • Some patterns never go out of style. And one such style is the Red Country Stripe. The team at All Cotton and Linen is excited about each product they design and create. And we were quite thrilled to work with the red and white Striped on the tablecloths.
  • Being environmentally conscious and aware, we have crafted the red and white striped Tablecloth cotton. White being the base, we have stuck to two primary colors for these tablecloths – red and white stripes and navy blue and white striped.
  • You can choose between the two-color combinations depending upon your home décor. Even though we have added patterns and colors to make the  cotton striped tablecloths look more attractive, we have stuck to our philosophy of crafting only natural products that will cause no harm to the environment.
  • Basis the size of your dining table, you can choose the size that fits your needs. It is available in 63x109 and 63x126. Prolonged use of these striped cotton  tablecloths can be done without worrying. The tablecloth is hemstitched in rounded corners to enhance reliability.
  • The package contains one tablecloth which has a seamless one-piece design. Experience the difference in your home once you spread these cotton tablecloths.

Uses of Striped Tablecloth:

Our navy blue and white striped tablecloths are perfectly woven for everyday use. These when used during the holiday season, adds a different charm to the celebration.

You could bring them out for any special occasion, dinners, brunches, potlucks, BBQs, buffets, showers, birthdays, catering purposes.

And if you are someone who loves enjoying sipping beverages outdoors amid the greens, then you must have one spread on the outdoor table as well.

When the use is so varied, then the chances of the navy blue tablecloth getting dirty is also high. You need not worry about that as these country striped tablecloths are machine washable at normal temperature water in a gentle cycle followed by a tumble dry.

For better results, you can iron them at 40 degree Celsius and there you are ready once again to sport the cotton, environmentally friendly, reusable Country Stripe tablecloth.

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