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Use of dish towels can be traced back to the 18th century. The kitchen is literally an incomplete place without the presence of handy dish towels. Whether you are a person who is usually in a rush or a person who is careful about the way things are done, then dish towels are a must for you.

It’s only a well-managed and organized kitchen which can churn out lip-smacking dishes. Each article plays an important role in it, including the very useful and absorbent dish towels, you cannot give a miss.

We are always concerned about the kind of food we are consuming. Are we equally concerned about the home essentials we are using daily? Are they adding to the environmental damage? Look no further. The Buffalo Check dish towels from the All Cotton and Linen will put your concerns to rest.

  • Origin of Tea Towels: Also known as Dish Towels. Has a long history which dates to 18th Century England. Popularly used to dry dishes and used during teatime.
  • The Term Tea Towels: In England Tea Towels were used to insulate tea pots at tea ceremonies.
  • Dish Towels vs Tea Towels: It’s one and the same. The difference lies in the geographies. While in America it’s a Dish Towel, in Britain it’s a Tea Towel.


Made with cotton, the dish towels are hand crafted with the latest available tools making them soft and durable. This makes the dish towels soft and durable. The static cotton cloth has been designed in check boxes which makes them look attractive and aesthetic.

Buffalo Check  Pink and White Dish Towels

Choose from a range of colors from the Buffalo Check dish towels available in a pack of three. Each dish towel measures 18 x 28” which makes it easy for use both for a homemaker or for the chefs at the restaurants. The traditional buffalo checks will add to the elegance of your home or restaurant.

One of the biggest disadvantages we often face while using cotton cloth is shrinkage. The cotton buffalo checked dish towels from the house of All Cotton and Linen have been pre-shrunk to take care of your concerns.

With proper care and maintenance, these dish towels will continue to be your companion for years to come without you having to worry about their look and feel. These dish towels are machines washable. Just make sure to use cold water, on a gentle cycle and tumble dry low. Once dried you could iron them at a low temperature to retain its look.


  • The use of dish towels is not restricted to wiping the dishes.
  • It could be used to absorb spillage, handling hot pans, for wiping the kitchen slab, the containers which often get stained while cooking and most importantly your hands which is very important to be clean when you are cooking.
  • This value pack of three buffalo checked dish towels is an important addition to your kitchen.
  • The dish towels can be used as kitchen towels or tea towels as well and can be helpful while hosting parties.
  • No matter what you call them, they are an absolute necessity for all your drying and cleaning tasks in the kitchen.
Buffalo Check Green and White Kitchen Dish Towels

Good To Know

Go for dish towels made of cotton. Dish towels with higher absorbency are most useful to carry out the different tasks effectively. They should be soft and light weight which makes them easy to dry faster and leave no scratch on the surfaces they are used on. Also, while buying if you opt for sets or pack of multiple towels, it helps as they are always handy, and it is better to have a few extra ones.

A dish towel as the name suggests are used for drying off the dishes most commonly. However, they are soft and absorbent which makes them very useful for wiping off spills, grime, stains off the kitchen containers, cabinets, and counters. They are also used for keeping the hands dry while working.

Dish towels can be packed with bacteria if proper and regular care is not taken. They are used throughout the day for a numerous thing around the kitchen and if not replaced and washed properly they can cause various stomach infections and illnesses.

No, please avoid washing them together. It is always a good practice to sort your laundry. They should be segregated basis the weight, fabric type and on how dirty they are. When washed together the sheets which are cleaner might pile up the dirt from the towels. To ensure the towels and the sheets both clean well, you should wash them separately.

The most important thing to is to follow a regular laundry schedule for the dish towels. They must be changed regularly. Second, you must have separate dish towels for the different things that you use them for. Third, before putting them into the washing machine or after using them every day, please ensure you dry out the dish towel completely. If all the three tips fail, you can soak the dish towel in hot water with vinegar and baking soda for 15 minutes. These two elements are known to soak in the bad odor from fabric leaving them fresh.

Too much moisture in the towels give rise to bacteria. Please make sure the towels are dried out completely each time you use them. Soak the towels in vinegar and hot water. The acidity of vinegar is a strong catalyst in getting the bacteria off the towels and stops them from growing further.

Dish towels should be washed every three to five days depending upon the usage. However, you will know it when you use a dish towel regularly if it is fresh or needs a change. A lot depends on what you are using the dish towels for. You should always remember that the dish towel is being used in the kitchen and must be clean to ensure the food you and your family consumes is safe and bacteria free.

Disinfecting dish towels involves the following steps: 1. Wash them regularly 2. Always dry them off completely after use, even before you put them in the washing machine 3. Change the dish towels regularly depending upon what you use them for 4. Soak them in hot water with vinegar and baking soda to disinfect them 5. Have separate dish towels for the different things that you use them for

Cotton is the best material one can use for the different tasks dish towels do. Cotton is soft, light weight, and absorbent and makes the job around the kitchen easier.

Chefs use cotton towels which are slightly smaller in size than the regular dish towels.