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buffalo plaid kitchen towels

Buffalo Check Kitchen Towels


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Buffalo Check Kitchen Towels

The use of cotton dish towels can be traced back to the 18thcentury. A kitchen is literally an incomplete place without the presence of handy dish towels. Whether you are a person who is usually in a rush or a person who is careful about the way things are done, then kitchen dish towels are a must for you. It’s only a well-managed and organized kitchen that can churn out lip-smacking dishes. Each article plays an important role in it, including the very useful and absorbent plaid dish towels, which you cannot give a miss.

Buffalo Plaid kitchen towels
Buffalo Check kitchen towels

Buffalo Plaid Towels

Buffalo Check Kitchen Towels

We are always concerned about the kind of food we are consuming. Are we equally concerned about the home essentials we are using daily? Are they adding to the environmental damage? Look no further. The buffalo check dish towels from the All Cotton and Linen will put your concerns to rest.

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Farmhouse Distowels

The gray buffalo plaid kitchen towel scomes in a set of 3 and measures 18x28”. The checkered dish towels can be used as tea towels, dish towels, and kitchen wipes.

Buffalo Check dish towels

Buffalo Check Tea Towels

The checkered dish towels with hemstitched corners are available in a set of 6 and 12. The 16x27” cotton dish towels are soft and absorbent which keeps the surface dry and clean.

buffalo plaid kitchen towels

Cotton Plaid Towels

The farmhouse kitchen towels are reusable. Unlike the paper towels, kitchen wipes, tissue paper, the buffalo check towels are the best alternative for kitchen, dining, and household purposes.

buffalo check kitchen towels

Cotton Kitchen Towels

The plaid dish towels are versatile and can be used for a range of tasks – from drying off the dishes, to wiping the kitchen counter, to holding hot pans, to cleaning surfaces.

Buffalo Palid Kitchen Towels Collections

checkered kitchen towels

Checkered Kitchen Towels

"The lightweight buffalo check towels are soft, easy to handle, and store."

Customer Speaks

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Reusable gift wrap

Used these as gift warp for good friends and they loved the pattern and idea!



A dish towel as the name suggests is used for drying off the dishes most commonly. However, they are soft and absorbent which makes them very useful for wiping off spills, grime, stains off the kitchen containers, cabinets, and counters. They are also used for keeping the hands dry while working.

Go for kitchen towels made of cotton. Dish towels with higher absorbency are most useful to carry out tasks effectively. They should be soft and light weight which makes them easy to dry faster and leave no scratch on the surfaces they are used on.

Cotton is the best material one can use for kitchen towels. Cotton dish
towels are soft, light weight, and absorbent and makes the job around the kitchen easier.

Disinfecting dish towels involves the following steps:
1. Wash them regularly

2. Always dry them off completely after use, even before you put them in the washing machine

3. Change the farmhouse dish towels regularly depending upon what you use them for

4. Soak them in hot water with vinegar and baking soda to disinfect them

5. Have separate kitchen towels for the different things that you use them for