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The rising environmental concerns have made reusable canvas shopping bags popular than ever before. Owing to its multiple usage and re-usability over a period, canvas grocery tote bags are an all-time favorite for many around the world. Made with 100% organic cotton these shopping bags can carry weight which makes them very useful for vegetables, grocery shopping, and storage.

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Reusable Cloth Bags:

Reusable canvas grocery tote bags are the best alternative to plastic bags. reusable grocery bags are a perfect balance of function and fashion. Designed in the United States of America these cotton foldable bags are made of thick fabric with natural color.

There are three different varieties of these canvas grocery bags you can choose from. Bags are best for the vegetable shop, Heavy Duty, and Large. Reusable Tote Bag set of three (14" H x 17" W x 5") and Pocket Reusable Shopping Bag Set of 2 (15.3" H x 13" W x 4.5).

Besides being environmentally friendly these are popular for a host of other reasons as well.

Convenient Usage:

  • Reusable bags for shopping are easy to carry and useful for storage as well. The greatest advantage of these cloth shopping bags is the length of its straps which makes it an easy shoulder bag. They can be folded up neatly and placed in handbags or in drawers when not in use.


  • Besides being used as a shopping grocery bag, these can be used for a host of other purposes as well – beach bags, gym accessories bag, toy storage bag, birthday goodies bag, gift bags or even as a Christmas gift.


  • Made with 10 ounces of good quality organic cotton, the canvas tote bag comes with heavy stitching which enables it to carry up to 30 pounds. Owing to its premium fabric and strong stitches the bags will last you for years to come.

Easy Maintenance:

  • Use these bags without having to worry about them getting dirty. These are machine washable and dries fast as they are lightweight. So, buy, use, wash and repeat carefree.