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Kitchen Hand Towels - Set of 3 (Gray)

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 Quantity 3
 Color Gray
 Size 18 x 28"
 Material Cotton


  • The Kitchen Hand Towels are the most important tool we need in our kitchen. You can never have enough of them, keeping in mind the numerous things we use the dishtowels for.

  • This collection of All Cotton and Linen dishtowels comes in the vibrant stripes. Available in three attractive colors – green, black, gray, they are a set of 3. Choose the color that goes with your overall scheme and you will have a pack of three to work within your kitchen.

  • A generous size of 18 x 28 inches, the Salsa Striped Dish Cloth is made of cotton. It is soft and absorbent which makes working with these dishcloths very convenient in the kitchen.

  • Cotton Tea Towel: The striped kitchen towels come with stitches on the corners which make them durable despite the regular rough use for different things.

Uses of Kitchen Hand Towels:

  • As the product name suggests they are popularly used as dish cloths or dish towels. The soft absorbent cotton fabric makes them an ideal option for wiping off the dishes and the utensils.

  • Dish cloths can be used to wipe off the kitchen cabinets, counters and to wipe of spills easily. Keeping the kitchen becomes much easier with the cotton kitchen cloth set.

  • Add color and functionality to the dinners, tea parties, festivals, or occasions with these bright-colored striped dish towels. They can be used as hand towels in the house as well.

  • They are lightweight and therefore, dries faster than any other dish cloth. Switching over to dishcloths will makes life a lot easier.

  • Whether you are using it for wiping hands, drying dishes, cleaning counters, spills, or surfaces, please make sure you have different dish cloths for everything you choose to do with it.

  • If the kitchen cloths are used and maintained in a proper way, they are very handy and useful and makes working quite efficient.

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