Stripe Dish Towels

The use of striped dish towels can be traced back to the 18th century. A kitchen is literally an incomplete place without the presence of handy dish towels. Whether you are a person who is usually in a rush or a person who is careful about the way things are done, then dish towels are a must for you. It’s only a well-managed and organized kitchen that can churn out lip-smacking dishes. Each article plays an important role in it, including the very useful and absorbent dish towels, you cannot give a miss. We are always concerned about the kind of food we are consuming. Are we equally concerned about the home essentials we are using daily? Are they adding to the environmental damage? Look no further. The French Stripe dish towels from the All Cotton and Linen will put your concerns to rest.

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These cotton kitchen towels are made with cotton, the dish towels are handcrafted with the latest available tools making them soft and durable. This makes the dishtowels soft and durable. The static cotton cloth has been designed in French stripes which makes them look attractive and aesthetic.

    Choose from a range of colors available in a pack of three. Each dish towel measures 18 x 28” which makes it easy for use both for a homemaker or for the chefs at the restaurants. The traditional French stripes will add to the elegance of your home or restaurant.

    With proper care and maintenance, these dish towels will continue to be your companion for years to come without you having to worry about their look and feel. These dish towels are machines washable. Just make sure to use cold water, on a gentle cycle and tumble dry low. Once dried you could iron them at a low temperature to retain its look.