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Black Waffle Weave Hand Towel - Wash Towel - Set of 3 - 18 x 28"

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 Quantity 3
 Color Black
 Size 18 x 28"
 Material Cotton
  • Cotton Kitchen Towel: A kitchen is a place where you need a towel at all times. It’s important that the towel or the kitchen cloth is dry each time you pick it up to use.

  • Cotton Stripe Towel: waffle weave hand towel becomes very significant as kitchen towels here - After each wash, the waffle weave towel forms small pockets resembling a honeycomb.

  • Hand Towel: This creates a larger surface area allowing the fabric to draw away moisture from the fabric, helping it dry faster. In the case of other towels, the moisture is pushed into the fabric making them heavier and taking longer to dry.

  • Cotton Tea Towel: Therefore, using a cotton Waffle Towel for the kitchen makes your job a lot easier. The waffle weave towel is light and breathable. It makes it look heavy but it’s light and breathable. They are absorbent, takes lesser space to store, and look stylish.

  • Waffle Towel - Available in three solid colors – Red, Black, and Blue they come in a set of 3. So whichever color you choose, you will have three of them in one set.

  • Cotton Dish Towel - The Waffle Towel is stitched into a comfortable working size of 18X28 inches which makes it a very useful towel to be used for a variety of things. With the corners stitched, the Waffle Towel is durable despite regular use.

Uses of Waffle Weave Hand Towel:

  • When a fabric is as soft and absorbent as a Waffle Towel, the uses of it in the kitchen is across a lot of things. The cotton Waffle Towel is very convenient to be used as dish towels as they will dry the water off the utensils.

  • Wiping off the kitchen counters and containers is a very common everyday ordeal that can be made easier with the waffle weave dishtowel. Your hands can be kept dry with the help of this very handy kitchen towel. This is an excellent alternative to paper towels for all your kitchen needs.

  • The versatility of the Waffle Towels makes it useful outside the kitchen as well, around the house. You can use it in the dining area to wipe your hands and face.

  • The waffle weave towel is very helpful in keeping the different parts of the house clean as well. This is a very good cleaning cloth. Since the Waffle Towels look good, they can be hung around at different places in the house where you need to use them.

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