Cotton Checkered Tablecloth - (Large, Beige&Cream)
Cotton Checkered Tablecloth - (Large, Beige&Cream)
Cotton Checkered Tablecloth - (Large, Beige&Cream)
Cotton Checkered Tablecloth - (Large, Beige&Cream)
Cotton Checkered Tablecloth - (Large, Beige&Cream)

Cotton Checkered Tablecloth - (Beige)

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  • 100% cotton, checkered tablecloth (63X109" and 63X126").
  • Cotton Tablecloth Sporting Large, Beige, and cream flavor.
  • Plaid cotton Tablecloth seats 8 - 10 People, cloth made with cotton fabric.
  • Buffalo Plaid Tablecloth With Hemstitched corners for a luxurious look.
  • Beige Cotton Tablecloth Machine washable at normal-level water and ironing at 40-degree Celsius if needed.
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 Quantity Single Piece
 Size 63X109" and 63X126"
 Material 100% Cotton
 Color Beige and Cream
  • Kitchen decor table cloth- Cotton Checkered Tablecloth seats 8-10 People Reusable and machine washable made with cotton fabric.
  • Cotton tablecloths Rectanglue Hand-stitched with cotton and you can hold it easily. We have made the cotton checked tablecloths Size 63 X 109" and 63 X 126" with checkboxes (1 inch) sporting beige and cream flavor.
  • Cloth Tablecloth Rectangle - Checkered Tablecloths used for Thanksgiving, Winter, dinner parties, weddings, banquets, holiday entertaining, restaurants, Halloween, Christmas parties, catering, and everyday use.
  • Plaid Tablecloth - Our Cotton table cloth is machine washable, reusable, and resistant to dirt. So, you can use them without any hassles.
  • Checked Tablecloth - Beige and White Plaid Tablecloth With Hemstitched corners for a luxurious look. For good results, we recommend washing them at normal-level water and ironing at 40-degree Celsius.
  • Also, check Beige Cloth Napkins.

Uses of Cotton Checkered Tablecloth:

  • Besides being used for everyday purposes, these beige rectangular tablecloths add a different charm when used during the holiday season. You could bring them out for any special occasion, dinners, brunches, potlucks, BBQs, buffets, showers, birthdays, catering purposes.
  • And if you are someone who loves enjoying sipping beverages outdoors amid the greens, then you must have one spread on the outdoor table as well.
  • Buffalo Plaid Tablecloth - When the use is so varied, then the chances of the beige and white tablecloth getting dirty is also high. You need not worry about that as these buffalo plaid tablecloths are machine washable at normal temperature water in a gentle cycle followed by a tumble dry.
  • For better results, you can iron them at 40 degrees Celsius and there you are ready once again to sport the cotton, environmentally friendly, reusable buffalo check tablecloth.

Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
we loved this tablecloth

We bought this on a whim, hoping it would work for a holiday with lots of family dinners. It really impressed us. We had multiple spills but the liquid didn't penetrate the table at all and the cloth was not stained (grape juice, soda, juice- all spilled on this table). The plates we used are white with a rose gold trim and rose gold utensils and it looked really pretty.

perfect tablecloth for our table

I love the colors and the tablecloth so much after receiving it, I ordered another one. Washes up great and goes perfect in our dining room.

Excellent tablecloth.

The material is heavy duty and not at all flimsy. The color was exactly what I had wanted, and the price was excellent.

Beautiful AND Durable

Love it! Adds beautiful contrast to dining table. Durable but looks delicate. Very happy with it!

Excellent value

I washed and dried it. Came out wrinkle-free. Nice heavy material and i like the pattern in the navy.

Love this! Excellent value!

This table cloth is amazing. Very easy to clean - either wipe down or pop in the washer. I ordered multiple sizes I loved it so much!

Perfect for family meals.

I bought this for Easter as an upgrade to the usual throw away plastic tablecloths. Looked beautiful and held up great. Tossed it in the wash afterwards and it looks brand new despite the various things spilled on it during dinner.

A pretty tablecloth for spring

It's a nice heavyweight embroidered cloth, and the blue makes a pretty statement for Easter.

Easy to clean

Easy to clean, pretty pattern

Get this tablecloth!

I really like this table cloth. You can tell it's good quality. I was worried about getting a tablecloth cause my cats like to get into everything. I was afraid if the material was wrong, it would pull strings out of the cloth a lot. It actually hasn't at all. My cat loves this and plays on it all the time. He constantly sleeps on it now, I have no idea why. Easy to clean and everything. Did good in the washer and dryer too. I would definitely buy again if I need to.