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Cotton Pillowcase Standard - Set of 2 (Natural)

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 Quantity 2 Pcs
 Size Standard
 Material 100% Cotton
 Color Natural
  • Organic Cotton Pillowcases Natural: This set of cotton pillowcases contains two cotton pillows, artistically woven with 100 percent organic cotton and natural extracts.
  • Standard Pillowcase Cotton: The complete set is a Cotton pillowcase made in a way that lets the suttle pillows settle inside the soft and silky pillow cover smoothly.
  • Cotton Pillowcase Natural - Organic Cotton Pillowcase The complete set is brought to market, ensuring they are machine washable, reusable, durable, and long-lasting.
  • Natural Pillowcase - Since the cotton pillows are available in white, you can use the one which you prefer to light the room.
  • Cotton Pillowcase - The use of an Egyptian cotton pillowcase is safe and environmental friendly since the whole set doesn't contain any happy hazard products. Hence, you can be sure of what your pillows are covered with.

Organic Cotton Pillowcases:

The Pillowcases are as important as the pillows. You might have the most comfortable pillows, but if they are not protected well with the right kind of cases, the purpose of buying the soft pillows will be lost.

We need fabric for pillowcases which is breathable. Organic Cotton pillowcases  It is important as it allows air to pass through the fabric and keeps it well-ventilated. Therefore, when you use organic pillowcases, it doesn’t become too warm and helps you get a comfortable sleep.

Though traditional cotton is also used it is important to know that it uses more water as it is grown on the same soil repeatedly. This results in depleted soil nutrients and more water for the growth of the crop. On the other hand, organic cotton is grown on a rotation basis which keeps the nutrients in the soil intact.

Product Description:

  • The organic cotton pillowcases come in a set of two measuring 20x30 and is available in natural color. The bright color brightens up your room and adds to the aura. Artistically woven with 100 percent organic cotton and natural extracts.
  • The design and stitch are crafted in a way that will allow the pillows to easily slip inside the cases and settle down well taking the shape of the cases. Due to the fabric, the feel of the pillowcases is smooth and silky which you are going to love.
  • If you are worried about maintaining the whites, then rest assured you will find it easy to maintain if you are careful about not letting them get dirty. The organic cotton pillowcases are machine washable at normal temperature water and you can iron them for best results at less than 30 degree Celsius. They will surely last longer and once disposed, they will degenerate without causing any damage to the environment.


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