Rectangular Cotton Tablecloth - (Gray and White)
Rectangular Cotton Tablecloth - (Gray and White)
Rectangular Cotton Tablecloth - (Gray and White)
Rectangular Cotton Tablecloth - (Gray and White)
Rectangular Cotton Tablecloth - (Gray and White)

Rectangular Cotton Tablecloth - (Gray and White)

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  • 100% cotton, Rectangular tablecloth (63X109" and 63X126").
  • Sporting Gray and White flavor.
  • Tablecloth seats 3 - 4 People, cloth made with cotton fabric.
  • Buffalo Plaid Tablecloth With Hemstitched corners for a luxurious look.
  • Machine washable at normal-level water and ironing at 40-degree Celsius if needed.
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  • Rectangular tablecloths for Kitchen decor - Rectangular Cotton Tablecloths seats 8-10 People reusable and machine washable cotton table Cloth made with cotton fabric.
  • Cotton Checked Tablecloth - Buffalo plaid tablecloth cotton oversized checkered tablecloths measure Size 63 X 109 and 63x126 tablecloth Hand-stitched with cotton and you can hold it easily. To enhance the look, we have made the cotton checked tablecloths with checkboxes (2 inches) sporting light grey and cream flavor.
  • Gray Plaid Tablecloth Rectangle - Our Checkered Tablecloths used for Thanksgiving, Winter, dinner parties, weddings, banquets, holiday entertaining, restaurants, Halloween, Christmas parties, catering, and everyday use.
  • Checkered Table Cloths Cotton - Our Cotton table cloth is machine washable, reusable, and resistant to dirt. So, you can use them without any hassles.
  • Buffalo Check christmas decor tablecloth Grey - Cotton Plaid Tablecloth With Hemstitched corners for a luxurious look. For good results, we recommend washing them at normal-level water and ironing at 40-degree Celsius.
  • Also, check Grey and White Dishtowel and Napkins.
 Quantity 1
 Size 63X109"
 Material 100% Cotton
 Color Grey and White

Functional and Attractive:

  • Cotton Tablecloth Some things are functional, while others are ornamental. Tablecloths are both. It not just covers the surface and protects your table from the scratches and the spills, but it adds warmth, color, and a pattern to your home. Thankfully, tablecloths are still in vogue after being in use for generations.
  • The fast-paced lives have made it even more necessary that we keep the tables covered and protect them for the frequent spills and scratches. So many times, we end up leaving important papers, wallet, phones. or car keys on the tables.
  • Thanks to the functionality of the tablecloths that the surface remains unharmed. Besides the functional aspect of the tablecloths, they can give your home a quick makeover. The huge range of tablecloths available these days gives you a chance to pick the one that goes best with the décor. It makes it almost impossible not to want to have one of each kind and pattern for different occasions and for everyday use.

Attractive Patterns and Vibrant Colors:

  • From stripes to checks, the range is varied. While for some holiday seasons are synonymous with buffalo checks, some prefer the stripes. While some love the fiery red, the others are happy with the elegant blues and grays. The riot of colors will make you want to have more.
  • The patterns when placed against the solid colors of the walls, livens up your entire space. All the colors used in the different tablecloths are natural and 100% safe for you and the environment. Our designs and patterns are a perfect balance of traditional patterns and the modern techniques of craftsmanship.

Customer Reviews

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Who's up for a picnic?

This thing is awesome! I combed through the reviews before buying this and I'm VERY grateful that they were accurate! The cotton is VERY durable. I washed it on a heavy setting before use (low tech durability test) and it came out with no issues. The colors stayed vibrant as well.The best way to describe this tablecloth would be one of those tablecloths some grandparents may have laying around that make you wonder what the heck stores were even around in there day to sell something like that? It's got a great Cracker Barell-y, farmhouse-y feel to it that I just LOVE.Also, my wife took one look at it and immediately suggested using it to picnic. It's definitely durable enough and way better than any picnic blankets I've ever seen. Fireworks, too, I guess? Anything outdoorsy really!And I might have skipped over it when reading the description, but it's made from organic cotton! How awesome is that?!?!?! Just over $20 is well worth something of this quality. I highly recommend it!

Make great curtains!

Used as curtains and they look great! So much cheaper than buying long curtains for my high windows!

Thumbs up

Good quality, looks nice too!

it served my purpose very well.

I used your tablecloth to make a curtain.

Nice, thick fabric.

Very nice quality and quick shipping.