All about the Placemats

We all know tablecloths have been around for a long time. It ages back to the first century AD in Europe and has been used as a standard covering for a table. As part of the dining accessories, Placemats emerged somewhere around the twentieth century, as a replacement for the tablecloth. These cute & vibrant dining table placemats have since seen a variety of transformations, in terms of their fabric, stitch and pattern.

placematsWhat are Placemats?

Cloth placemats are compactly sized pads or covering provided for an individual sitting at the table.

What is the best material for Placemats?

There can be different kind of fabrics used for the Dining Table Placemats. But, the best material is Cotton or Linen, due to their soft-texture and easy maintenance.

Why use Placemats?

Farmhouse Placemats are a fun utilitarian addition to the dining table. They help protect the table from food stains and spills, heat damage and water rings. They are placed on the table according to the number of people dining, before serving the dishes.     

10 reasons why you should invest in All Cotton placemats and Linen Placemats

  1. Our  placemats enhance the look of your table and help create a beautiful tablescape.
  2. Measuring 13 x 18" and available in a set of 4, the Rectangle Cloth Placemats can be used for all kinds of occasions to build the perfect table.
  3. Find the ideal set of Placemats from our collection for birthday parties, weddings, baby showers, buffets, holiday parties, causal dinner & brunches.
  4. The Country Style farmhouse Placemats are available in an assortment of colors and patterns, adding a lovely finishing touch to your table.
  5. Play the perfect host for the event and impress your guests with the farmhouse placemats.
  6. The dining placemats help protect wooden tables from water rings and heat damage and glass tables from smudges and fingerprints. 
  7. Give a quick and beautiful makeover for your table every season and every event with the table Placemats set.
  8. The fabric placemats add texture, colors and pattern to your table setting and help you experiment with different styles.
  9. The skillfully crafted Cotton Plaid/checkered Placemats are super easy to maintain and clean. Machine wash the Cloth Placemats after they get dirty and they will still retain their original appearance and form even after washing.
  10. The elegantly stitched Placemats for dining table will complement your overall home décor and will enable you to show the beauty of the table, while also protecting it.

Get inspired with these beautiful table settings!


A good experiment with colors and shapes resulting in an exquisite look for the table. Play with contrasting colors with our blue checkered placemats and come up with a vibrant tablescape.

Your love for baking can be enhanced with the handy surface protectors. Create a red-themed day with the red striped placemats, because you can never go wrong with red! Red striped placemats

Perfect for formal dinner settings, the Black and white placemats. will be the best choice for the table. Add some classy tableware and glassware to your table with our placemats for complete the look.

You can place a table runner to incorporate more décor pieces, along with the placemat and come up with a gorgeous table setting. You can add more layers and textures to the table with beige placemats.

Build your dream table with charming décor pieces and the checkered placemat and let your table be the highlight of the event.

Make the red and white striped placemats the eye catching element of the table with their solid and vibrant hues. Red orange placemats

Find the perfect foundation to lay out your tableware and glassware with the navy blue placemats and fall in love with the look you create.

The addition of the plant as the centre piece for some freshness takes the look to the next level. checkered placemats


Every moment can be made memorable when gathered around the table, with the extra decorative touch provided by ACL Placemats.

Add functionality and elevate the aesthetics of your table with our Cotton Placemat Collection. Find your favourite shade and pattern and get creative with your table setting. Complement and contrast colors, play with layers and textures and come up with something stunning for your dining space. You could also work at the table without the worry of scratching the furniture by placing the trusty Placemat under your laptop.