EST.2016 in Bay Area, CA, our journey has always revolved around our deep connection to the planet. Drawing inspiration from nature and driven by our commitment to climate activism, every choice we make is influenced by the awe-inspiring beauty of our surroundings.

Since the beginning of All Cotton and Linen, we have introduced a new standard in the industry. We were the first to use 100% natural and organic cotton, creating exceptionally soft, luxurious, and long-lasting home textiles. Our journey started with a weaver's vision to make healthier linens, and it has inspired others who value their environmental impact. The same dedication that sparked our start still drives us today: making top-quality products while reducing our impact on the planet.

Sustainable Journey

At All Cotton and Linen, our commitment to sustainability begins with utilizing 100% natural and organic fibers and maintaining a fully traceable supply chain. We ensure responsible disposal by aggregating it for recycling. This way, even if the linens cannot be reused, they can be transformed into new materials, minimizing waste and contributing to a more sustainable future.

Made to the highest environmental and ethical standards

Our dedication lies in upholding the highest standards of safety, ethics, and compassion throughout the entire production and processing journey, from farms and factories to the homes of our valued customers. We strive to ensure that every product carrying the All Cotton and Linen label meets these stringent criteria.


Our products are meticulously created to meet the highest standards

Naturally Cultivated

Products are crafted exclusively from 100% organic fibers. We are dedicated to upholding stringent standards of environmental and social responsibility, particularly when it comes to our linen collections. Experience the purity and commitment to sustainability that defines our brand.

Combining Comfort & Quality

Every product is carefully crafted with a strong emphasis on providing comfort, ensuring top-notch quality, and highlighting the inherent beauty of natural materials. Through our conscious choices, we aim to make a positive impact on our planet and create a meaningful difference.

Empowering Individuals

Our stringent standards and transparent supply chains not only protect the quality of our products but, more importantly, safeguard the individuals involved. We believe in paying premiums that directly benefit workers, farmers, and their families, enabling them to lead happier and healthier lives.