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No table setting is complete without a good set of Dinner Napkins. Adding functionality to the table decor, the Cloth Napkins are the perfect finishing touch to the setting. Sporting patterns of checks, embroidery and stripes, the Table Napkins offer timeless elegance and enhance the tablescape.


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Cotton Napkins
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Black cloth napkins, perfect for weddings and other events. Upgrade your table setting with these high-quality napkins made of fabric.Cloth Napkins | All Cotton and Linen
Cloth Napkins
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white cloth napkins, white napkins, white linen napkins, black linen napkins, cotton napkinsThe absorbent cotton fabric of the dinner napkins makes sure your table remains clean and dry, and there are no spills.
White Napkins - Cloth Napkins with Trim
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white cloth napkins, hemstitch napkins, linen napkins, ivory cloth napkins, napkins cloth washable set of 6, linen napkinsnavy blue cloth dinner party napkins of size 20x20", set of 6 cloth napkins are with borders arranged one above another.
Linen Napkins - Cloth Dinner Napkins
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Cloth Napkins Embroidered - Wedding Napkins
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White napkins set of 4 flower napkins are embroidered with the red on the edges and are arranged vertically one above another.White Cloth napkins are embroidered with the red on edges and are arranged alternately on the placemats on the table.
White Cloth Napkins - Dinner Napkins
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Cotton Printed Napkins - Cloth NapkinsCotton Printed Napkins - Cloth Napkins
Cotton Printed Napkins - Cloth Napkins
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Reusable napkins: The cotton cloth napkins washable are designed in a way so that they are easy to use by kids and muslin face cloth measures 11x12” which is a convenient size.
White Napkins - Bulk Cloth Napkins
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red dinner napkins, cloth napkins, cotton napkins, linen napkins, cotton dinner napkinscloth dinner napkins, red cloth napkins, linen hemstitch napkins, cloth cotton napkins
Cloth Napkins - Reusable Napkins
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White Linen Napkins - Wedding Cloth Napkins
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Bistro Striped napkins-White Cloth Napkins with Navy blue napkins cloth are arranged on the dining table with table runners and placemats.White cloth napkins - Folded dinner napkins which are striped napkins features navy blue cloth napkins with  are placed on the placemats with spoons and fork.
Bistro Napkins - Napkins Restaurant
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white napkins with border embroidery are made of cotton. gold and red embroidered napkinslinen napkins or white cotton napkins are made with woven fabric. dinner napkins
Cloth Dinner Napkins - Embroidered Napkins
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White Linen Napkins| All Cotton and Linenlinen napkins,  green linen, napkins, blue linen napkins, linen napkins for wedding,  best linen napkins,  linen hemstitch napkins
White Linen Napkins
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Linen dinner napkins, cloth dinner napkins, blue cotton napkins, cotton napkisnLinen Napkins
Linen Napkins
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Linen Table Napkins
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Dinner Napkins - Restaurant NapkinsDinner Napkins - Restaurant Napkins
Dinner Napkins - Restaurant Napkins
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striped cloth napkins are commonly used in various settings such as restaurants, cafes, parties, and special events.Bistro Stripe napkins can add a vibrant and decorative touch to table settings, complementing the overall aesthetic and enhancing the visual appeal of the dining area.
Linen Dinner Napkins
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Table Napkins

  • A kitchen without napkins seems chaotic, considering the multiple uses it has. Some uses are not even listed or thought through as the napkins are a lifesaver in the kitchen.

  • A rushed meal is always accompanied by a messy dish towel. Thanks to the cotton dish towels which make it easy to both use and maintain. Whether you go for the traditional checks or the stripes, the utility of these cotton dish towels is remarkable.

  • From something as basic as wiping off the dishes dry, to taking care of spillage, to keeping the kitchen counter clean, the uses are manifold. It’s a tool that is the most versatile.

  • The soft and subtle cloth Napkins are an elegant addition to the dining area. Though they can be used for a variety of other purposes too, having them around as table accessories during special occasions adds to the aura.

  • You can use it as tea party napkins as well. Available in different patterns, each napkin has its own use. Due to its convenient size, it is easy to use. Being cotton the napkins serve their purpose to the fullest and are quite easy to maintain.

Our 100% organic cotton sheet set is perfect for your bedroom. Enjoy the cozy feel of extra soft, organic napkins for the perfect night's sleep.
red dinner napkins, cloth napkins, cotton napkins, linen napkins, cotton dinner napkins
Cloth Napkins - Reusable Napkins
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Cotton Tablecloths
Cotton Tablecloths
Sale priceFrom $22.99