Frequently Asked Questions

Why All Cotton and Linen products?

  • Quality and Quantity comes as the top priority to many, when purchasing a product. At All Cotton and Linen, we design and craft Eco-friendly products, sticking to that.

Who tested the quality of your products?

  • It's us and the quality check team. At All Cotton and Linen, we use our own products in person and let the quality team know about the strength and weakness of the products. We make sure the quality sounds authentic as design.

What does All cotton and Linen offer?

  • At All Cotton and Linen, we offer organic cotton mesh bags to shift groceries home, reusable muslin produce bags to pack and bring home fresh fruits and taste- exorbitants, cotton napkins to wipe off rest of mouthfuls, and cozy table cloth for happy and healthy dine.

Where are your products made?

  • All Cotton and Linen, LLC manufactures organic cotton and linen bags in India and sells across the globe. All products are designed in New Jersey by the in-house expert designers.

Are All Cotton and Linen products, really organic?

  • Yes, Organic in terms of the materials used in making and technique adopted for crafting the reusable Eco-friendly products. The usage is open for everything. You can use the organic bags to carry everything right from organic to inorganic to home, hassle-free.

Where can I purchase eco-friendly bags?

  • All our organic cotton products are available with, Etsy and Amazon. You can purchase from either of them.

Who approves the quality of the products available online?

  • All our Eco-friendly products are made of organic cotton and linen sourced from South India, cotton products for Eco-friendly and quality usage.

Does it mean using Organic bags helps to stay healthy?

  • It's the safer side. When you're using organic cotton made Eco-friendly bags to carry home fresh veggies and fruits, you're carrying the fresh home as it was then when purchased.