Buffalo Check Tablecloth: Dress up a beautiful table with ACL Checkered Tablecloth! Spread the lovely Cotton Tablecloth before laying out tableware and food to protect your tables from food stains and water spillages.

Buffalo Check Tablecloth

Create a harmonious balance of design for the tablescape with the Buffalo Plaid Tablecloth. The Cotton Tablecloth perfectly complements the centerpiece, dishware and other table decor accessories, incorporating the perfect combination of classic and contemporary table design. From holiday parties to casual dinner gatherings, the Tablecloth is ideal for every event.


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A checkered tablecloth, often red and white or other colors, adds a charming and rustic touch to a table, reminiscent of classic picnics.
Cotton Tablecloths
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rectangle tablecloth, cotton tablecloth, red cloth tablecloth, linen tablecloth
Rectangle Cotton Tablecloth
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 red and white checked tablecloth may be perfect for a summer picnic
Cloth Tablecloths - Striped Tablecloth
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black checkered tablecloth
Black Cloth Tablecloth
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Transform your outdoor dining with versatile and stylish options: blue, round, and outdoor tablecloths, perfect for a refreshing experience.
Round Tablecloth - Plaid Tablecloth
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Black and white tablecloth, a classic choice, exudes a sense of timeless sophistication and contrast.
Black Round Tablecloth
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Buffalo Check Tablecloth

There are different and beautiful patterns of cotton tablecloths to choose from. But some patterns are timeless like the buffalo plaid. The 165-year-old buffalo check pattern is still loved by all. The cotton tablecloth is designed in buffalo plaid. Each checkbox measures 2”. The farmhouse tablecloth looks modern and stylish. Enhance and upgrade your home with simple additions like the buffalo check tablecloth.