Check Out - All Cotton and Linen

Check Out - All Cotton and Linen

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It is safe to say that most of us closely follow trends. They define us and is an intrinsic part of our daily lives. Like all other aspects of life, trends to evolve and so do we.

However, some styles stick around longer than one imagines. One such style is the Buffalo Check. To be precise, it has an origin of 165 years behind and is still going strong. I often wonder what is so timeless about Buffalo Checks – is it its simplicity or its legendary heritage? At its inception, it was popular among workers and in no time it became a favorite pattern across age groups and socio-economic classes. The fervor for the pattern besides clothes, extended to a wide range of home utilities as well. It can be also spotted during holiday seasons adding to the cheer and happiness around.


Red and Black Buffalo CheckThe design which originated in Scotland is now strongly entwined in the American design universe and is a part of its identity and culture. It’s a design icon we all want to sport in some way or the other. Looking at its growing popularity and sheer cool quotient,  Buffalo Check for sure is here to stay.

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