A stack of white and black cloth napkins, perfect for everyday use or special occasions.
Pink linen napkins, adding a soft and feminine touch to your table decor.
A large bulk pack of white linen napkins, ideal for catering or event planning.
High-quality white cloth napkins considered the best choice for any occasion.
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White linen napkins neatly folded and arranged for an upscale dining experience..
A set of six linen napkins, perfect for a small gathering or dinner party.
Linen napkins specially designed for weddings, with delicate embroidery.
A close-up of pristine white linen napkins on a table setting.
A bulk quantity of white linen napkins neatly stacked.
A set of elegant linen napkins arranged in a decorative pattern.
A close-up of neatly folded cloth napkins on a table.
An image of a stack of colorful cloth napkins.
A set of white napkins specifically designed for weddings, neatly folded on a table.
Elegant white table napkins made of cloth, arranged in a decorative pattern.
Linen table napkins in white, adding a touch of sophistication to the table setting.
Soft and absorbent cotton table napkins in white, ready for use at any occasion.
White table napkins specifically chosen for a wedding reception, enhancing the decor.
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Dinner napkins made of cloth, perfect for a formal dining experience.
Bulk pack of cloth dinner napkins, ensuring an ample supply for large gatherings.
Soft and comfortable cotton dinner napkins, ideal for casual or formal meals.
White dinner napkins designed specifically for weddings, adding elegance to the table decor.
Linen dinner napkins in white, offering a luxurious and refined touch to the dining experience.
Bulk quantity of linen dinner napkins, perfect for catering or special events.
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Soft and absorbent cotton cloth napkins, perfect for everyday use.
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Cloth napkins specifically designed for weddings, enhancing the decor.
Bulk pack of cloth napkins for wedding receptions, ensuring ample supply.
High-quality white cloth napkins available in bulk for special events.
Cotton napkins specifically chosen for weddings, complementing the overall theme.
Bulk pack of cloth napkins in various colors, ideal for wedding receptions.
Elegant cloth napkins specially designed for weddings, adding a refined touch to the decor.
Best wedding napkins offering both style and functionality for your special day.
Cloth napkins specifically chosen for weddings, adding elegance to the table setting.
Linen napkins available in bulk, ensuring a sufficient supply for your event.
White linen napkins, adding a classic and sophisticated touch to any table setting.
Bulk pack of cloth napkins, perfect for large gatherings or events.
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Cloth napkins made of high-quality fabric, adding elegance to your dining experience.
Bulk pack of branded napkins, showcasing your logo or design for promotional events.

Napkins Linen - Table Napkins Cloth

Sale price$29.99
Color:Red Grid
Product Details

Linen Napkins Set of 4 - Linen Dinner Napkins:

  • Linen napkins white are made of high-quality linen material that is soft, durable, and long-lasting. Available in Sizes:18 X 18" inches, Set of 4.

  • Linen napkins for weddings have a luxurious feel and a natural look that will add elegance to any table setting. These black and white napkins are easy to care for and can be machine washed and dried.

  • These linen napkins bulk is a sustainable and eco-friendly option for your dining needs. Napkins linen is a renewable resource that requires less water and energy to produce than other materials, making it an eco-conscious choice.

  • Linen cloth napkins can be used for a variety of occasions, from casual dinners to formal events. They are perfect for everyday use, dinner parties, weddings, and other special occasions.

  • Pair the white linen napkins with an embroidered table runner. Check table linen collection designed in buffalo plaid, French stripes, and country stripes. 

    Dimensions & Easy Care


    • 18x18 inches

    Care and Maintenance

    • Machine wash at normal temperature
    • Tumble dry on a gentle cycle
    • Warm iron as needed
    • Imported.
    Shipping & Return


    • Standard USPS free shipping.
    • Order processing time: 1 to 2 days. Orders will be delivered within 6-8 days.

    Return & Refund

    • Merchandise must not be worn, washed, or altered.
    • Returns are accepted within 60 days of delivery.
    • For any questions contact customerservice@allcottonandlinen.com.
    • Refunds will be processed within 1-2 business days.

    needs for linen table napkin

    • Linen table napkins offer a touch of elegance and sophistication to any dining experience, making them perfect for formal occasions, restaurants, and special events
    • They are highly absorbent and durable, effectively wiping away spills and stains, making them practical and functional for everyday use.
    • Linen napkins are eco-friendly and sustainable, as linen is a natural and renewable fabric that requires minimal water and pesticides to grow.
    • They provide a soft and luxurious texture, offering a comfortable and pleasant dining experience for guests.
    • Linen is known for its antibacterial and hypoallergenic properties, ensuring a hygienic and safe dining environment.
    • Linen table napkins can be easily washed and reused, reducing waste and promoting sustainability in the long run.
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 42 reviews

    I bought these napkins 2.5 years ago, they’re still in great shape and are just now starting to fade some. They wash and dry well and are easy to fold right out of the dryer.

    Roberta J Smith
    large napkins

    very nice large napkins, colors are exactly what I wanted for our Thanksgiving table linen.

    Melinda Salazar
    Beautiful and Elegant

    Love the look! They are thinner than I expected but I really like them! Easy to clean!!

    Sharp looking table napkins

    Great colors go with anything! These napkins really spruce up a table. I ordered wooden napkin rings at the same time….what a great look!

    Color fast and strong

    Holds color after washing