How to fold napkins for Thanksgiving

How to fold napkins for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is an occasion to get together with our loved ones and express our gratitude for all the good things in our lives. It's also a time to indulge in a delicious feast and create cherished memories. To make your Thanksgiving gathering even more special, consider adding an elegant touch to your table decor by folding napkins creatively and festively. In this blog post, we'll guide you through step-by-step instructions on how to cloth napkin folds for Thanksgiving, adding a touch of sophistication to your holiday table.
Cornucopia Napkin Fold

The Cornucopia Napkin Fold adds a delightful harvest-inspired charm to your table. It's the perfect choice for a Thanksgiving feast. 


  1. Place a square cloth napkin on the table and fold it in half.
  2. Rotate the folded napkin 90 degrees, then fold it again to create a square. Roll one corner of the napkin into a cone shape.
  3. Once the cornucopia sits on the plate, fill it with mini pumpkins, pinecones, and acorns. 

Pumpkin Napkin Fold

The Pumpkin dinner napkin folding brings the essence of autumn to your table setting. It's a charming way to add a touch of whimsy to your gatherings.


  1. Start with a white square napkin on a flat surface.
  2. Position the napkin ring at the center of the napkin.
  3. Gently lift the center portion of the napkin and pass it through the ring to create a neat fold.
  4. Fold each corner of the napkin into the center.
  5. As you fold the napkin, keep tucking it into the center until it's tucked completely into the napkin ring.
  6. Insert a stick of cinnamon into the center to hold the dinner napkin in place and serve as the pumpkin's stem. 

Maple Leaf Napkin Fold

The Maple Leaf folding dinner napkins evoke the beauty of nature right at your table. It's an excellent choice for fall-themed gatherings. 


  1. Place a square napkin on a flat surface and fold it in half diagonally.
  2. To make a triangle, bring each top corner down to meet in the middle.
  3. After that, fold the bottom corners of the triangle upwards to the top of the triangle. This will create a diamond shape.
  4. Now, fold the top corners back down slightly to create a leaf shape.
  5. Finish the look by cinching the bottom with a gold napkin ring. 

Gourd Turkey Napkin Fold

For a truly festive Thanksgiving tablescape, try your hand at the Gourd Turkey linen napkin folds


  1. Start with a square linen napkin to create a decorative turkey on a table.
  2. The bottom edge of the napkin folded up two-thirds of the way, then folded up about one-third of the way.
  3. Starting at one end, fold small vertical pleats all the way to the opposite side, resembling a paper fan.
  4. To secure the bottom, use a napkin ring, then fan out the top.
  5. Next, cut off the bottom of a small gourd so that it can sit flat.
  6. Use the ring to stand the napkin up, and place the gourd in front of it to form the turkey's head and body.

Pretty Bow Napkin Fold

The Pretty Bow cloth napkin folding is an excellent choice for a touch of whimsy and grace. It's perfect for holiday gatherings. 


  1. Start by taking a square white napkin and fold it in half diagonally to a triangle shape.
  2. Now, fold the top tip of the triangle down, stopping at the halfway point.
  3. Afterward, fold the bottom edge upward to meet the folded tip.
  4. For added elegance, fold the bottom edge once more, aligning it with the top edge to create a sleek and narrow rectangle.
  5. Grasp each end of the folded rectangle and gently fold them upward at a diagonal angle, guiding them toward the center.
  6. Next, bring each piece down over the rest of the napkin, ensuring the right end is tucked neatly beneath the left end.
  7. To secure this charming bow, place a napkin ring snugly around the center where the folded pieces meet.

To elevate your Christmas table decor, consider pairing this lovely bow napkin fold with a round tablecloth inspired by the art of gift wrapping. It's a surefire way to create a truly festive ambiance. 

Treat Container Napkin Fold

The Treat Container folding napkins add an element of surprise to your table setting. It's perfect for special occasions where delightful treats are on the menu. 


  1. Start with a square table napkin on a table. The napkin should be placed with the wrong side facing up.
  2. Fold the napkin half diagonally to create a triangle with the longest side closest to you.
  3. Transform your triangle into a sparkling diamond by elegantly folding each corner to the top.
  4. Flip the napkin over.
  5. Fold the bottom up to create a one-inch border on each side.
  6. Then, fold the top triangle down to the bottom edge.
  7. Finally, flip the napkin over and tuck in the tips of the loose triangles.
  8. Fold the right corner three-quarters of the way over to the left.
  9. Take the left corner and tuck it into the right to form a basket. 

Traditional Leaf Napkin Fold

The Traditional Leaf yellow napkin Fold is a timeless choice that exudes elegance. It's perfect for adding sophistication to any occasion.


  1. Begin by folding a square napkin in half diagonally to form a triangle.
  2.  Commencing at one of the lower corners, fold a small section upwards vertically, resembling the folding of a paper fan.
  3. Continue this folding technique all the way across to the opposite corner of the napkin, creating a series of vertical folds.
  4. To secure these folds in place and maintain the leaf shape, use a decorative napkin ring.
  5. Finally, gently expand the upper part of the folded napkin, laying it flat on the table to reveal the exquisite leaf shape. 

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