Laundry Habits for a Better Environment

While you clean your clothes and sheets, don’t forget about the environment. Everything we do has a direct or indirect impact on the environment. We will share a few tips that will help you contribute towards the betterment of the environment while you keep your clothes clean.

Wear them more than once

Using the washing machine, especially the dryer consumes a significant amount of energy which is critical. There are few clothes which can definitely be worn more than once. Especially jeans are something which can be washed once in two weeks if you wear them regularly. If you must wash other clothes regularly, try hand washing them in a tub and not wait for the machine. Use only normal temperature water and not hot water to wash. It saves energy and enhances the durability of the clothes, retaining its color.

Plan your laundry

Washing machine consumes both excessive water and energy which should be tried and avoided as much as possible. Plan your laundry so that you don’t have to use the washing machine frequently. Wait for the laundry to be full before you use it to ensure that the usage is optimal.

The Conventional Clothesline

Avoid the dryer completely if possible and hang the clothes to dry on a clothesline. It’s the most environmentally friendly way to dry your clothes as the dryers emit huge amounts of carbon dioxide. The clothes last longer when put for drying than using the dryer as the clothes are exposed to the machine movement lesser. If at all you have to use the dryer please make sure the lint filter is regularly cleaned. This results in the clothes drying up faster in the dryer using lesser energy.

Green Detergent

Try using eco-friendly detergents as the others can be loaded with chemicals which is harmful for you and the environment. The dirty water from the machines and our houses eventually pollutes the larger water bodies which affect marine life. Check the labels of the detergents and look for phosphate free detergents. And even better if you can put together your own detergent, that’s definitely the safest and the best.

Laundry is a regular chore we all have to follow. Keeping in mind these few simple things can go a long way in keeping you, your clothes and most importantly the environment healthy.

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