Why Making Your Bed Every Day Is Important?

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Do you brush every day? Do you have your meals every day? Have a bath daily? Wondering why such basic questions are being asked? It is just to draw your attention to the fact that making your bed every day is also and should be a basic activity for you, like other activities.

It is the first task of the day and trust me it does make you feel better when you are able to accomplish it. It sets the tone for the entire day and gives you the confidence that you are ready to take on to the day. An organized room and surrounding helps you to declutter your mind and think better. It keeps your mind fresh and happy. You are able to look for things easily when you know you are an organized person. This might be the smallest thing that you will do in the entire day, but it is the smaller things that you do well that gives you the determination and the motivation to complete all your tasks.

People give excuses like the bed will eventually be unmade at the end of the day, so why take the trouble or it’s best I sit on the bed and do my work, or my little one will play and dirty the bed or my pet is around so no point making the bed. The excuses can be several others but trust me none helps, and none works. A bed that is made will actually keep you away from it the whole day as you will not want to spoil it. This will make you more disciplined, focused, and productive.

Your overall productivity through the day increases when you take up something as simple as making the bed. A well-made bed is a great mood booster and speaks a lot about the person, his state of mind and personality. It not just looks better; it also feels better. Most importantly when you retire for the day in a bed that was well made, the quality of your sleep is definitely going to be very good.

Making a bed is not a chore but a ritual, a lifestyle waiting to be embraced by one and all!

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