Thank-You one and all

Thank-You one and all

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Thank-you 'my' Family for the love you showered on us through splendid comments, mile-stoned suggestions, thank-you letters and factual reviews, over the time.

Despite of all what you have done, your scribbles on comments tab with reference to a giveaway post, turned us emotionally up. Going through the comments down and down, we started learning, how you value us. We also understood, those words aren't come from mind, and could be the emotional heart,  responsible for the showers your poured.

It's mommabearofbcm, the first of clouds to pour heavenly showers with one term, 'Family'. Scrolling up, we spotted many young minds jotting down exactly the same string, 'Family', 'Family' and 'Family'. 

Aren't they joking or was it all happened of misunderstanding the post?, was exactly an outsider review. Because, All Cotton and Linen, LLC is a Eco-startup that crafts and supplies organic and reusable cotton products to curb down the use of hap-hazard products. But in reality, the truth is,

'Hey team, the bags I purchased last week were so good. I presented them to my colleagues, and have become his secret Santa. We both were so happy with the purchase and want to thank you for the wrapper and cozy packing,' wrote Mathew Margarette.

Following her, alissamchugh showed her inside feelings by jotting down 'Togetherness' with '❤️'. It overwhelmed us and took us to another dimension for a while, where we eventually spotted our beloved customers and eco-supporters scribbling down cherishable comments featuring our reusable mesh produce bags, muslin produce bags, organic cotton napkins and hemstitched cotton table cloth.

With tears clogged eyes and cheering up smile, we went up to find another series of most valued hearts beating with strings, 'cozy, sweet, eco-friendly and love', more than 72 times. Obviously, it's not normal, both medically and philosophically.

We can't only  'Thank-You' in words and get back to work for all of what you have given us. Hence, we thank you in discounts and request to accept our humble compliments with the code 'ThankYouFamily'. The code can be redeemed here with our Muslin products.

Unlock and Open the happiness with #ThankYouFamily

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