Our Fibers

Our Fibers

Discover our exquisite collection of organic fibers, sourced from exclusive partners worldwide. Through our designs, we elevate the natural qualities and technical performance of these premium materials, bringing the revitalizing energy of the earth into your home.

Organic Cotton :

Our commitment to organic cotton ensures that 100% of the cotton we use is certified organic, free from synthetic pesticides and fertilizers used in conventional cotton production. By embracing GOTS-certified organic cotton systems, we contribute to climate change mitigation, promote sustainable land use, and support the well-being of smallholder farming communities.

Climate Beneficial Cotton :
The California Cotton & Climate Coalition (C4) spearheads an innovative collaborative project focused on Climate Beneficial Cotton. Working alongside farmers, researchers, and textile brands, C4 aims to enhance accessibility to regenerative cotton. This unique initiative seeks to restore the carbon cycle by extracting CO2 from the atmosphere, mitigating climate change, and safely returning it to the soil.
Organic Linen :
We ensure that all the flax used for our linen is 100% certified organic. Our vendors exclusively select flax from European sources, where the plants are naturally retted in the fields. By embracing organic flax systems, we contribute to climate change mitigation, water conservation, and support the establishment of rotational crop systems that promote organic food production.
Responsibly Sourced Down :

Our down and feather materials are responsibly sourced, utilizing 100% white Pekin duck down and feather from the United States. This not only minimizes our environmental impact but also ensures a traceable and transparent supply chain with our trusted supplier. They share our commitment to animal welfare and undergo regular third-party audits to uphold the highest standards.

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