What is the best position to sleep?

Yes, you read it right. A lot depends on the position you sleep in – the way you feel once you get up and the quality of sleep. Not sleeping in the right posture often leads to several sleep issues which we are unable to attribute to any one factor. Different sleep postures have different benefits and each one has its cons too. While changing your position basis your health requirement can be challenging, once you train yourself to do so, it yields effective results.

best way to sleep

We often get a stiff neck when we haven’t slept properly. If you already have complaints of back pain or other health issues, sleeping in incorrect positions can aggravate the pain. Something as basic as breathing can also get affected if your sleep posture is not correct. An incorrect sleep posture often acts as an obstruction to the free-flowing air into your lungs.

Sleeping on the Stomach

The spine needs to be in a neutral position which is often disrupted due to sleeping on the stomach. Sleeping on your back with the head held slightly high is advisable as the neck and the spine are in the right position. It also helps to reduce the hip and knee pain and keep away acid and heartburn. However, if you suffer from lower back pain you should not be sleeping on your back.

Sleeping in the Fetal Position

By and large the fetal position is both common and beneficial to keep away lower back pain. Sleeping in a relaxed fetal position helps you control snoring and keeps you comfortable. Make sure you don’t curl up too tight, as it might cause breathing issues with pressure on the diaphragm.

The Left and Right-Side Sleep Position

Another position that helps reduce snoring is the left side sleep. It aids the overall functioning of the digestive system and allows the brain to function better. The only drawback it has is regularly sleeping on your left side can affect your shoulders and the facial skin. For those suffering from heart diseases, sleeping on their right side is advisable.

Access What Works Best for You

These are few of the basic and common postures associated with the best sleeping positions. While some of these suits a certain section, the others suit the rest. What is important for you is to study a pattern of your sleep positions and the health problems you have. Even if you are free of any health issues, practicing the correct posture will only enhance the quality of your sleep.

The Organic Cotton Bedding

There is one more thing that affects the quality of your sleep and that is your bedding. The fabric you sleep on determines the quality of your sleep. Undoubtedly, organic cotton bedding is the best fabric to sleep on. Made with 100% organic cotton and certified by the Global Organic Textile Standards, organic cotton bedding is devoid of any harmful chemicals. This keeps you safe from any kind of skin allergies or irritation. The bedding is reusable and biodegradable which ensures that the environment is not damaged in any way.

organic cotton beddingMaintaining organic bedding is convenient with machine wash at normal temperature. The fabric is soft and gets softer with every wash. Since they are made of 100% organic cotton, they are durable and economical too. The fabric being breathable helps air circulation which helps you remain cool throughout your sleep.

Surround yourself with safe organic bedding to be able to sleep safely and peacefully. Only a body that sleeps well is able to stay healthy and happy in the long run.

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