What to gift on Mother’s Day and Why?

What to gift on Mother’s Day and Why?

Yes, it’s that time of the year once again when we all rush to look for ways and means to make our Mothers feel special.
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Yes, it’s that time of the year once again when we all rush to look for ways and means to make our Mothers feel special. I am using an upper case for the word ‘Mothers’ as they truly deserve the attention and the praises. Being a mother myself, I know how each and every mother strives to give her child the best. And when I say best, it is not about the most expensive things. It is about the best values, the best mannerisms, the best belief system, so on and so forth. Mothers can really go out of their way to make things work for a household, not just for the child.

There are few who believe that we really don’t need a separate day as Mother’s Day. Many feel it is nothing short of a business opportunity even, or why overrate mothers so much that it puts extra pressure on all Mothers. I prefer to bracket all these thoughts as a different school of thought. Different from mine for sure. Here’s what I wish to tell them. The only reason we have a separate day for Mothers, is to celebrate her. To make sure there is one day where she feels special. So that there is one day where she is not waking up to everydayness, which by the way we love, don’t get us wrong. But a different day is always a welcome break, isn’t it? Now for the gifts. Does she really need a gift to know and feel the love? No, she doesn’t. But when you love a person so dear, when you owe her so much, wouldn’t you want to gift her with something that will make her smile? I would do that for my mother, and I am sure my daughter will for me. And for mothers it is not the value of the product, it is the thought that counts, and yes of course the utility bit as well.

Growing up I remember we would eventually end up giving our mother something personal like an outfit or an accessory or cosmetics. But with time we realized that those were things she would make sure she has and buys, and we gifted her such things on her birthday and anniversary. What she actually needed was household things which would make her the Perfect homemaker. Things that would add to the warmth and décor of the house and things that would be functional, economic and durable. Things that would help her work faster, smoother and more effectively. Well those are my personal thoughts as well on gifts, especially on Mother’s Day. Gifts that make me a mother is what I appreciate the most.

mesh bags with flowers

This year for my sister and mother I plan to gift eco-friendly household products. Why did I decide on this? Is it because it’s a fad? No, mostly because it is the most sensible thing to gift in todays time and age. Essentials that will be reusable, durable, natural and organic. It gives me a lot of satisfaction to buy gifts that fulfill these criteria. For me it’s an investment and definitely value for money. Gifting with a conscience and gifts that would make their lives easier and effective.

I am yet to choose between organic cotton bedsheet set with pillowcases, buffalo plaid cotton tablecloths with placemats or reusable organic cotton tote, mesh and muslin bags. All these are going to be super useful for them and since I have used the reusable bags myself, I can vouch for its utility and quality. I am glad I have these options ready. I just need to pick the one that they will love the most and need the most.

I am quite excited and looking forward to Mother’s Day – To gift and to receive, both. Hoping I get something useful and handy too. Might just drop a hint or two :-D. Here’s my backup plan. If I don’t get something I want, I am surely buying it for myself as a Mother’s Day gift!


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