Cotton muslin produce bags
Cotton Muslin Produce Bags - Set of 7
Cotton Muslin Produce Bags - Set of 7
Cotton Muslin Produce Bags - Set of 7
Cotton Muslin Produce Bags - Set of 7
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Cotton muslin produce bags
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Cotton Muslin Produce Bags - Set of 7
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Cotton Muslin Produce Bags - Set of 7
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Cotton Muslin Produce Bags - Set of 7
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Cotton Muslin Produce Bags - Set of 7

Cotton Muslin Produce Bags - Set of 7

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  • Organic Cotton Muslin Produce Bags: Cotton produce bags Once stored in these bags, you can rest assured that your product will not get spoilt since these are made of organic cotton.
  • Reusable Muslin Bags: These organic cotton muslin produce bags are made to last as they can be used repeatedly. Produce bags Once you want to dispose of them, you can do so without any guilt as they are biodegradable.
  • Breathable: The Muslin produce bags made with premium quality of organic cotton is breathable making it a smart choice to store your household items.
  • Durable: The muslin Cotton bags are designed in a way that results in minimal shrinkage. Vegetable Produce bags This makes the bags a long-lasting option for you.
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  • Set of 7 Muslin Bags: The Cotton muslin bags come in a set of seven, with five different sizes for different uses - (1 XXL, 2 XL, 1 large, 1 medium, 1 small, and 1 XS). We wanted to offer you a range of sizes as our daily needs varied and one size sure does not fit all. produce bags cotton You will be well covered for all your different needs with these produce bags. One purchase and you will own the complete set with the different sizes.
  • The Different Sizes: Produce Bags While the size of the XL bag is 14 x 18 inches, the large muslin bag is 12 x 15 inches, the medium Cotton bag is 12 x 10 inches, the small is 8 x 10 inches, and the X-small is 6 x 9 inches. The range of sizes is so wide that you can carry from the smallest of things like peanuts to heavy-weight grocery items.
  • Refrigerator Friendly: Cotton produce bags If you choose the Muslin Produce Bags to store food items in the refrigerator, go ahead and do so without worries as the bags are made to keep the product fresh in the refrigerator.
  • The Helpful Drawstrings: The muslin produce bags come with drawstrings that will keep your purchase fresh and help you carry them conveniently and hang them as well.
  • Comes with Extra Stitches: Produce Bags Cotton Even if you have shopped a little more and your bag is heavy, you don’t have to worry as the extra stitches made at the edges and corners of the drawstring will help you carry the extra weight.
  • The Tear Weight Tag Advantage: To let you know the exact weight, we have added a tare weight tag near the drawstring on all muslin produce bags. So, goodbye to the long waiting in the queues for checking the weights of your purchase.
  • Premium and Handy: Cloth produce bags Designed and crafted by the experts the product is made with premium quality fabric and geometrical measurements for perfect usage.
  • Lightweight and Easy to Store: The Muslin Produce Bags can be easily folded and carried around wherever you go as they are lightweight and foldable. They can be folded to fit into your handbag and you will always be ready to pick a few things up when needed.
  • The Versatile Bag: The Muslin Produce bag can be used for multiple purposes around the house – whether you want to simply store the fruits and vegetables or pack the toys up into it or keep your books, shoes, office supplies, grooming accessories, etc. the organic cotton produce bags are a helpful addition to the household. To ensure the greens don’t wilt away, simply dampen the cotton produce bags before storing them. You could also use it as a pouch to carry essentials while you travel or as gift bags.
  • Take Care Easily: You don’t need to worry about the bags getting dirty, as they are machine washable. We recommend washing cotton bags in cold water and ironing the same at less than 30-degree Celsius for effective use. We recommend you fold them in fours and keep it in backpacks you take along with you for shopping.
  • Looking for eco-friendly alternatives to your daily plastic and nylon bags? You are at the right place. Our Muslin Produce Bags are just the right option for you. Think about the longevity and the multiple usages of these reusable organic cotton bags for storing fruits and vegetables and many other essential household items before you leave the page. 

Reusable produce bags grocery:

Vegetable bags cotton To make your shopping fun-filled and healthy, All Cotton and Linen have come up with organic cotton muslin produce bags with extra-added features. The bags do not only replace disposable products made of plastics but also let you run your daily life healthier and happier with bags made of organic cotton and pure natural extracts. We have increased the attributes of the bags to help you load a lot merrier.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 111 reviews
    Excellent quality

    I like the variety of sizes. I keep some in both the car and house. Muslin produce bags Very convenient and easy to store and use.

    cotton produce bags

    very nice produce bags!

    Good quality

    Very nice even ordered it again for more bags.


    I thought this was going to be useless but I like the look. Well I was wrong. It kept my lettuce good for an extra 2 days than I normally get out of lettuce. I’ve put my lemons in it but I don’t see a difference.

    Does the job helping environment

    Works good ! Keep them with my totes bags and use for legumes nuts bulk beans

    Great reusable bags!

    If you care about the environment and want to switch to reusable produce bags it's a great choice :)

    Cotton and linen produce bags

    Just what I was looking for to eliminate using plastic bags when purchasing produce and transporting fruit to work in my work bag. Seem well made. Expect them to last along time.

    Well made and sturdy

    I use this product to store produce in the fridge. It works very well - keeps the items dry and still lets them breathe. I wash the bags whenever necessary. They wash up well. My storage bins look very neat and clean.

    Keeps food fresh longer than plastic!!

    Perfect for my produce! I’m not wasting more plastic bags in the trash and it keeps my food fresher longer!! I had cilantro in one and I swear it lasted well over a week!! Usually it’s gross within days. Super easy to clean and thick enough to last a long time.

    Breathable and easy to clean

    I used these for refrigerating produce.