Create The Perfect Gift Basket & Have an Egg-cellent Easter!

Start the Easter festivities & shenanigans with beautiful décor and exciting gifts. We have put together some of our best selling products that are perfect to celebrate this season with your loved ones.
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No celebration is truly complete without a pretty table setting. Build the perfect table with our Kitchen & Dining Collection.

Adorn your tables with our elegant Checkered Tablecloth and find the ideal foundation to lay the tableware and centerpieces.

Easte Day

Create an Easter-themed tablescape by incorporating cute bunny ornaments to the table!

Easter Dishtowels

Experiment with colors, textures and patterns and come up with something exquisite. Our Cotton TableclothCotton Napkins and Cotton Placemats will help you achieve a blue hued table setting, with the adorable bunny statue taking the Easter tablescape several notches higher.


Find new ways of introducing different elements in and around the house. This Easter-themed corner has the element of fun from the bunny statue and the element of utility with our round tablecloths. Come up with more such ways of integrating utilitarian items in your festival décor. 


You can’t truly bask in the Easter joy without the fun-filled Easter egg hunt and gift baskets. Find interesting knick-knacks to include in the basket. Here are some charming pieces to add to the basket:

Moving on to the Easter Egg Hunt, arrange the most laughter-filled hunt with our handy Organic Cotton Bags to help your children store all the eggs found.


Why should the little ones have all the fun? While kids are doing their thing and having the time of their lives, the adults can get-together around the table and indulge in some fun DIY projects! Come up with innovative ideas and decorate Easter eggs. Add some zest to the event and see who comes with the best or the wackiest design. Have a craft session with your friends and family and explore your creativity with these activities. You could also arrange an entertaining game of Easter-themed Charades or Pictionary and make the most of the celebration.

Experiment with styles & have fun the Cloth Dinner Napkins.

Easter Dinner Napkins


The happiness of Easter can be expressed through some delicious cooking. Host the perfect brunch or dinner with exciting recipes and scrumptious meals. The meal time can be enhanced with delightful décor and lovely company. Protect your furniture from any damages or blemishes, amidst all the fun and chaos, with our Tablecloth Collection.

Easter Collection

Bring in some freshness to the Spring table decor with florals & plants!


It’s the perfect time to venture outdoors and bask in all the sunshine and fresh air. Grab your favourite cotton products and set up an outdoor picnic in your backyard, while the kids are immersed in their Easter Treasure Hunt!


It’s the best time to spend some much-needed time with your family and friends by coming up with and partaking in different tasks. From creating a homemade Easter basket to cooking up mouth-watering dishes, experience the true spirit of celebration and have an egg-citing Easter!

 Happy Easter

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