Striped Fall Kitchen Dishtowels

Kitchen washcloths are an essential everyday tool which makes working in the kitchen and the home convenient. These days the kitchen towels are available in various patterns. 

Stripes have been one of the most used and smart patterns. Our striped dish towels are weaved with cotton fabric which makes them an ideal option for everyday use. Soft and absorbent the striped hand towels give your kitchen a modern and chic look. The striped kitchen towels are versatile and can make your everyday smooth as you try to work fast between a host of things.


Striped Dishtowels in a Range of Colors

The striped hand towels are available in a range of colors from blue and white, black and white, red and black, grey and white, green striped, blue striped, navy and white striped, red and white, to blue and gray. You will be spoilt for choices. The black and white striped towels will blend with all the existing shades. The other colorful stripes can be used basis the occasion and the colors of your kitchen.

Different Sizes and Value Packs

The soft and smooth cotton weaved kitchen dishtowel is available in a set of 3, 4 or 6. Pick the one that works best for your needs. Our stripe dishtowels are cut into 2 sizes as well - 16x26” and 18x28”. The standard size striped kitchen towel is convenient to use at both home and restaurants.

striped dishtowels

Multipurpose Striped Kitchen Dishtowels

The cotton kitchen towel is large enough to be used for cleaning, wiping, and holding hot pans. The absorbent striped kitchen washcloths can work wonders to wipe off stains and spills in an elegant way. The soft fabric of the dishtowel ensures there are no scratches on the dishes when used as a drying cloth. Take care of the delicate dishes and cookware with the help of the cotton striped dishtowels. The hemstitched kitchen striped dish towels are also used as tea towels. The dish towels are designed with both country stripes and French stripes to give your home an elegant look. The farmhouse striped cotton dishtowels are often used for home décor as well.

The striped dishtowels come in very handy during the holiday season. Style your kitchen with the striped dish towel set. An absolute treat for cotton lovers, the fall kitchen towels in the bright and vibrant colors make hosting lunch, party, and dinner mess free and convenient. Whether you are cooking, serving, or cleaning post meals, the striped cotton dishtowels will come in very handy. Clean in style with ease. The lightweight kitchen fall towels can be easily folded and stored. It is always best to have a few extra striped dish towels so that you never fall short of them.

Taking Care of the Striped Cotton Kitchen Towels is Easy

Reusable and durable the striped dish towels are lightweight. After use before they get grimy, you can machine wash the dish towels in normal temperature water. The kitchen dish cloths will slightly shrink post wash. The kitchen washcloths dry faster and continue to keep your kitchen fresh and clean. It is best to have separate dish towels for separate chores. With basic care, the cotton striped kitchen washcloths will last for a long time. 

striped towels


striped towels

Ideal for Modern Homes

An excellent alternative to paper tissues and paper rolls, the cotton weaved striped kitchen towels look good and are hardworking. The dobby cotton fabric dishtowels with the long stripes upgrade the look and the functioning of your kitchen. The colors used to design the stripe kitchen towels are absolutely safe and natural and apt for everyday use. The striped kitchen hand towels enhance the aesthetics of your home while taking care of your everyday and holiday season cleaning needs.

The French striped and country striped cotton dish towel set is perfect for daily use and on special occasions as well. Add comfort and convenience to your everyday and special days with the cotton weave striped kitchen dish towels. 

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