How to Wash + Care for your linens?

How to Wash + Care for your linens?

Incorporating organic linen napkins into your daily routine elevates your dining experience and adds elegance. The comfortable feel of these napkins naturally inspires attentive care, ensuring longevity and preserving their exquisite beauty for any occasion. 

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Washing :

Modern laundry soaps, including plant-based options, effectively clean linen napkins in cold water, preserving softness and ensuring cleanliness. Cold water washing maintains linen fibers' integrity, prolonging napkins' lifespan. Machine wash on gentle cycle, separate by color, and handle with care due to linen's chemical-free and synthetic material-free composition. These gentle practices extend napkins' life and promote sustainable living by reducing energy consumption and fiber deterioration. Mindful laundering transforms this task into a meaningful act of nurturing and cherishing elements in your home.

Unscented Care for Your Linens :

Avoid using fragrances in laundry products when caring for linen napkins to ensure safety and purity. Fragrances can contain chemicals, including carcinogens and endocrine disruptors, with undisclosed ingredient disclosure. Opt for fragrance-free laundry products to maintain napkins' integrity and promote a healthier approach. Fragrance-free options eliminate the risk of exposure to harmful chemicals for you and your napkins. This precaution preserves the natural cleanliness of linen napkins, promoting sustainability and well-being in laundering.

Gentle Drying Techniques for Your Linens :

For optimal drying of your linen napkins, we recommend using the low tumble dry setting and promptly removing them once dry. However, whenever possible, air drying your linen napkins on a clothesline under the sun is highly recommended. This not only creates a visually captivating display of swaying organic linen but also enhances the overall drying experience.

Say goodbye to harmful dryer sheets and embrace the softness and safety of our Climate Beneficial Wool Dryer Balls when drying your linen napkins. Unlike traditional dryer sheets that can cling to your linens and release chemicals into the air through dryer vents, our wool dryer balls provide a sustainable alternative. Not only do they improve drying efficiency, but they also prevent static cling. Make the switch to these eco-friendly and effective laundry care companions and enjoy the beauty of caring for your linen napkins while being kind to the environment.

Ditch the Bleach :

To preserve the vibrancy and depth of colors in your linen napkins, it is best to avoid using whiteners that contain bleaching agents. Instead, opt for non-chlorine bleach when you need to whiten or remove stains. Chlorine bleach can weaken the fibers of linen and cause them to develop a yellow tint over time. By choosing non-chlorine alternatives, you can effectively address stains while maintaining the natural beauty of your linen napkins.

Enjoy Restful Nights :

Equipped with the know-how to effectively maintain your linen napkins, we have full confidence that you will relish delightful meals and cherished moments for years to come. By embracing environmentally-conscious practices to care for our beloved possessions, we contribute to the well-being of our planet. Opting for products that prioritize safety, both for ourselves and the environment we inhabit, fosters a healthier Earth for all. Revel in the continuous journey of nurturing the linen napkins you possess, and witness how they abundantly reciprocate the care you invest.


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You can use linen napkins for wiping hands, wrapping delicate items, cleaning glasses, or as a stylish touch for picnics.

Yes, you can reuse linen napkins many times. Just wash and iron them to keep them looking fresh.

Linen napkins can last for years if you take good care of them, making them a durable and eco-friendly choice.