Explore the World of Organic cotton with White Buffalo: Your Questions Answered

Explore the World of Organic cotton with White Buffalo: Your Questions Answered

Our visit to the White Buffalo Land Trust's demonstration farm in Summerland, CA, revealed an inspiring and memorable experience showcasing an innovative approach to agriculture where reclaimed land thrived with purposeful plants and passionate staff.
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Eileen thanked Steve for his time and asked him to share his story and what inspired him to pursue regenerative agriculture.

Steve shared that his late wife, Lyndsey McMorrow, inspired him to explore regenerative agriculture. Together, they worked on various projects focused on conservation and social justice. After Lyndsey's passing, Steve founded White Buffalo Land Trust to honor her and continue her vision. The team at White Buffalo Land Trust is comprised of individuals with their own unique stories and a shared understanding that the world needs a better approach. They are dedicated to aligning agriculture, conservation, and human development for the long-term well-being of people, the environment, and economies.

Eileen asked Steve why he thinks regenerative agriculture is crucial, especially given the recent changes and the new reality we are all experiencing.

Steve explained that right now, we are facing significant public health and environmental challenges worldwide, with declining biodiversity, toxic food systems, and depleting topsoil. However, the good news is that regenerative agriculture, including the use of cotton tablecloths, offers a solution by focusing on building healthy soils, restoring water cycles, and sequestering carbon, making crops more resilient and nutritious while removing toxins from our food. This transition is already happening and calls for urgent action that everyone can be a part of.

Eileen wanted Steve to describe his vision for Jalama Canyon Ranch and share his thoughts on the project.

We are currently in the middle of our Campaign For Jalama, raising funds to acquire and protect this land indefinitely. By December 2020, we will finalize the purchase and begin taking care of the property. We are thrilled to have Allcottonandlinen as a strategic partner in this campaign and deeply grateful for their generous contribution of $50,000. In these times, projects like this are essential for fostering a positive environment and building resilient communities that can thrive for generations to come on our planet.

I don't know the story behind the name "White Buffalo Land Trust" or if they have a white buffalo on the farm, so it's best to ask them directly for more information

The White Buffalo Land Trust is named after two white buffalo sisters who were entrusted to Bobbie McMorrow, a founding board member and owner of the Summerland Flagship Farm, by a group of Lakota elders. Bobbie welcomed them onto her ranch in Santa Ynez, CA, and her daughter, Lyndsey McMorrow, formed a strong connection with the buffalo sisters. Lyndsey believed that the white buffalo were a symbol of our responsibility to the Earth and all living beings. Today, one of the white buffalo sisters grazes on the Summerland Flagship Farm, serving as a reminder of our duty to care for the health of our ecosystem and communities, including the use of buffalo tablecloth.

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