Packaging Free Snacks

Packageing free snacks

Author: @laurasimpleliving it's an Instagram page that wants to promote a sustainable lifestyle with simple and zero-waste tips to live better and to create a positive impact on the environment.
The founder is Laura Borsato an Italian mama of 2 living in London.


****Packaging free snacks? Yes, homemade!

Homemade taste better is healthier, cheaper and often can be completely packaging-free if you are lucky enough to have a bulk shop near you!

These are the Lifechanging Crackers from @mynewroots, a family favorite for years now 😊.

Packed with superfood seeds such as Hemp seeds, chia seeds, sesame seeds, flaxseed, and many more wonderful nutritious ingredients!
Have a try and let me know if you also love them.


Homemade snacks sono piu buoni , piu genuini, meno costosi e non contengono packaging ..specialmente se riesci ad acquistare gli ingredienti in un zero waste store !

prova anche tu a fare questi crackers di semi , sono davvero fantastici. Ricetta in @mynewroots .****


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