In New York? Here is what you should know!

International Day of Piece
Are you in New York? Let us know if you hear the bell sound at United Nations Headquarters. Today being International Day of Peace, a holiday observed by UN since 1981 highlighting world peace globally, we at All Cotton and Linen, LLC wishes and want everyone to make sure they are on peace side. To begin, let's establish peace at home sweet home and continue with the society. 
Be it a home maker or office goer, peace is there at home/ office. But what with the society. Society means not only people but also the place where we live in- earth. Are we contributing peace to mother earth? Let's stop using plastic bags / paper bags and go with reusable produce bags like the one we offer at and establish peace.
It seems the inauguration fete at the United Nations headquarters is celebrated
with bell sound of Peace Bell that's rung every year in New York City. From this auspicious day, let's use reusable cotton bags that's been creamed with awesome flavours and make environment to breathe peace and relief from plastic stuff.
Importance of Peace bell:
The bell is made with the fund donated by children from all countries and a gift from the United Nations Association of Japan to remember the human cost of war. People at NY say, 'Whenever the bell is rung, we believe that human race has the long way to go establishing and promoting peace everywhere.'

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