Declutter to Beautify

We often instantly fall in love with certain household items we glance upon. That’s when the emotional side takes over the logical one and we end up buying it. I have started practicing this method where I buy what I really need, what will really make a difference to my home, my family and my environment. Every six months I evaluate what is in my house and give away items that I haven’t used in the last six months.

Decluttering to beautify my house is a simple and effective way to ensure I have what I need. It helps me keep my home clean, organized and most importantly beautiful. In other words, I have controlled my impulses and have channelized them towards wiser purchases like zero waste home essentials that can be linen curtains, tablecloths, or napkins.

Green and white dish towel napkinSometimes I am unable to afford them instantly unlike the other products, but it helps me wait and buy the right product at the right time. Let me tell you it gives a lot of satisfaction to buy something for my house knowing that me along with my family is contributing towards the betterment of the planet by purchasing zero waste products.

Try it for yourself and you will know what I mean.

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