Why is it called Buffalo Plaid?

There are some patterns and colors that are imprinted on our minds. They also seem to be around for ages. One such pattern is the Buffalo Plaid. There are various icons associated with Buffalo Plaids like Paul Bunyan, Roy Rogers, the Woolrich. But what exactly is the origin and why is it called so?

buffalo plaid tablecloth

The origin can be traced back to 150 years back. Now that’s a very long time for a trend to hold on to. Imagine how strong and popular the Buffalo Plaid is. The credit goes to Woolrich Woolen Mills. A designer who worked for the company reprised a twill plaid. He used two colors – black and red. This particular designer happened to own a herd of buffalo and that’s how the legendary style got its name. The Buffalo Check or the Buffalo Plaid since then has become synonymous with the Woolrich Woolen Mills.

The Buffalo Plaid was an absolute instant hit and was a distinctive style which everyone wanted to wear. It is a style that is a brand by itself and the style was associated with workers and those who worked outdoors, mostly. The most fascinating part is that the wool that was used 150 years back to weave those shirts are still being produced in the same factory. The factory also happens to be the oldest woolen mill in the United States.

buffalo plaid napkinsThe popular style has been extended today to almost everything from tablecloths, to plaid placemats to napkins and it finds a place in all kinds of décor. It has also accepted more color variants besides the red and black.









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A Person

A Person

This is the Clan MacGregor tartan and it is older than 150 year and it wasn’t invented by the Woolrich Mill.

This is the Clan MacGregor tartan and it is older than 150 year and it wasn’t invented by the Woolrich Mill.

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