Food Photography with Jessica Furniss

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There are some people who are able to create a niche for themselves. If you want your recipes to look larger than life and convey its real taste, then Meet Jessica Furniss!

She is known for sharing her love for food and photography. She has a full-time business, Spiffy Eats & Giggle Water. She has spent years honing her food photography skills before engaging herself into the business. Her vibrant food photography helps dietitians and nutritionists reach their dream clients. She is spotted on magazine covers, billboards, television spots and online publications. Everywhere her love and passion for food and photography speaks a thousand words.

So, look no further if you are in desperate need of creating stunning food photos. Be a part of her Instagram and get the secret recipe to edit and create food photos that are truly incredible.

Good to know - Jessica loves spending her time with her dog, baking in her small Alabama kitchen and making visits to the farmers market. She binge-watches The Gilmore Girls.

Her Instagram Page: Click Here

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