Make a Statement with Placemats!

Make a Statement with Placemats!

Placemats are a vital shield for your dining table, protecting it from unexpected spills, stains, and burns. Furthermore, they can also be used as captivating table centerpieces.

Pure cotton fabric is highly recommended for placemats as it offers convenience in washing and upkeep while adding a distinctive touch and ambiance to your home décor. Size is an important consideration. We appreciate the style of your material. Pure cotton is considered the best fabric for woven placemats due to its ease of washing and maintenance. Furthermore, it adds a distinct touch and ambiance to your home décor.

Additionally, please ensure that the cloth placemats ccan withstand the food's heat, as most individuals do not typically take the time to check the temperature of their meals when they sit down at their tables.

Cotton Placemats

What colors are available for cotton placemats?

It would be greatly appreciated if you could select dining placemats colors that harmonize with the tablecloth to prevent visual chaos. Likewise, it would be preferable if the farmhouse placemats coordinated with the room's overall aesthetic. Therefore, kindly choose a design and color scheme that complements your tableware, curtains, and seat covers.

Where should I place the placemats on the table? 

Consider purchasing multiple rectangle placemats or round placemats and placing one under each guest's plate. If your table is dark wood, lighter-colored placemats will create a striking contrast. It would be ideal also to have either white napkins or napkins in vibrant colors that complement the placemats. Sticking to a limited color palette for the entire décor is recommended. For those seeking a more extravagant option, an additional third choice is available. To create an ambiance, arrange at least three identical tablecloths (one for each pair of guests seated across from each other) and two-tone placemats. To create an elegant look, ensure your tablecloth and linen placemats complement each other. For example, you could pair a plain tablecloth with plaid or simple placemats with patterned tablecloths. This combination will highlight the placemats and add a touch of sophistication to your table.  

Easy style tips to elevate your table settings with placemats:

  • Seasonal & Occasional Flair: Embrace the spirit of festivities by selecting placemats in colors that match the seasons or special occasions. The choices are endless, from Thanksgiving and spring to Easter and kids-themed placemats!

  • Perfectly Paired Napkins: Ensure your cloth napkins harmonize with the placemats. Opt for cotton napkins in solid colors to draw attention to the fabric placemats and create a cohesive look.

  • Complementary Elegance: Create a stunning table by coordinating your tablecloth and linen placemats. Pair a plain tablecloth with plaid placemats, or choose patterned tablecloths to complement simple placemats. The result? An effortlessly elegant and eye-catching arrangement! Unleash your creativity with these placemat styling ideas and transform your dining experience with charm and finesse.

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