Make a Statement with Placemats!

Make a Statement with Placemats!

The best fabric for placemats is pure cotton. It is easy to wash and maintain. Also, it gives a unique touch and feels to your home décor. 
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The primary purpose of placemats is to safeguard the dining table from accidental spills, stains, and burns. Placemats are also used as table centre pieces. 
When choosing a Table placemats, it is essential to consider the following:  

Cotton Placemats

  • The style of your material
  • The kind of your table
  • Size matters. 

The best fabric for Table placemats is pure cotton. It is easy to wash and maintain. Also, it gives a unique touch and feels to your home décor.  

Also, The ideal serving temperature: 
When arranging themselves at their tables, most people don't bother to check the temperature of their food. It would help if you ensured the Cloth placemats could withstand the food's heat.  

What Color Could Placemats Be? 

Choose Placemat colors that harmonize with the tablecloth to avoid visual chaos. Similarly, it's preferable if the Table Placemats coordinate with the room's overall aesthetic, so choose a design and color scheme that complements your existing tableware, curtains, and seat covers. 

Where to put the placemats on the table? 

table placemat
Purchase many rectangle placemats or round placemats and set one under each guest's plate. If your table is dark wood, lighter-colored placemats will pop against the surface. It would be best if you also had either white napkins or napkins of more vivid colors than that of the placemats. Merely stick to a limited color palette for the entirety of the ornamentation. 
Putting out a large tablecloth is a classy touch. You can go with a solid color or a complementary print. To avoid overlapping it with the Table placemats, ensure it is narrow enough. Place a floral or seasonal arrangement amid one's tablecloth to finish your tablescape. 
For those who need something even more elaborate, an additional third choice is available. To set the mood, lay out at least three same table cloths (one for each couple of visitors sitting opposite one another) and two-tone placemats.  

Style Tips for Placemats: 

  • You can choose the color of the placemats according to the seasons or occasions, like Thanksgiving placemats, Spring placemats, Easter placemats, kid's placemats, etc.  
  • It is vital to have napkins that match your placemats. Choose cotton napkins of plain colors so that the highlight is on the Cloth placemats.  
  • Your tablecloth and Table placemats should complement each other. Use a plain tablecloth and Plaid placemats or plain placemats and patterned tablecloths. The setting would highlight the placemats and gives them an elegant look. 

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