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Cotton Tablecloth

Cotton Tablecloth


Cotton tablecloths are rectangular perfects for all tables. Available in different colors. Cotton Tablecloths are made of organic cotton, Rectangular shape tablecloth, classic cotton tablecloth perfect for everyday use.

Some things are functional, while others are ornamental. Tablecloths are both. It not just covers the surface and protects your table from the scratches and the spills, but it adds warmth, color, and a pattern to your home.

There are a range of designs available these days but not quite sure how environmentally friendly the fabrics are. Keeping the growing environmental concerns, with regards to the individual health and protection of the diversified ecosystem.

We at All Cotton and Linen have designed the attractive cotton french stripe Tablecloths. When we are all so concerned about the food we will consume, we should extend a similar concern to the tablecloths on which we are consuming the meals.


Some patterns never go out of style. And one such style is the French Stripe. The team at All Cotton and Linen is excited about each product they design and create.

And we were quite thrilled to work with the French Stripes on the tablecloths. Being environmentally conscious and aware, we have crafted the French Stripe Tablecloth with cotton.

You can choose from a wide range of colors depending upon your home décor.

Even though we have added pattern and colors to make the tablecloths look more attractive, we have stuck to our philosophy of crafting only natural products that will cause no harm to the environment.

Experience the difference in your home once you spread these bright cotton tablecloths.