Cotton Kitchen Towels

The Different Uses of a Hand Towels or a Dish Towels

dishtowelsA kitchen without a Dish Towels is like a kitchen without salt and spices. It is absolutely dysfunctional working in a kitchen without a set of proper Kitchen Towels. It might sound like it’s a very small and simple thing, but for me it’s the most handy and useful tool around the kitchen.

The best thing about Tea Towels or Kitchen hand Towels is its versatility. A rectangular or a square piece of cloth is used for numerous things while, before and after cooking. You need to look for the right size for the Decorative hand towels. It should neither be very small nor too big.


Before Cooking

Washing the fruits and vegetables before cooking is a practice, we all follow. Drying them off with a clean Decorative kitchen towels makes them easy to cut and cook and it’s more hygienic. I tend to wash each thing I pick up to cook out of habit, even when they are washed. All the items I use are then dried off with a dish towel or a Dishcloths.



While Cooking

From wiping my hands dry each time I wash or when there are spices on my fingers, to cleaning the containers that tend to get a little of the mess while cooking, all are wiped off with the fall kitchen towel. The spills on the gas oven or the counter are also easily wiped off with the help of flour sack dish towels. Some pans need to be held with stripe dish towels that are not heat resistant. While cooking I keep at least a couple of Linen dish cloths handy. This is when I need them the most. I prefer cotton as a fabric for dish cloths as it is soft and absorbent. This makes working with cotton around the kitchen very easy and effective.

kitchen towels

After Cooking

Wiping off the dishes and utensils, the kitchen working counter, the gas oven, and every other surface gets wiped off with the cotton kitchen towels. Being soft the Linen tea towels can be used to clean surfaces without having to worry about any scratches.

Kitchen hand towels or Cotton Dish towels or Swedish dish cloths are available in different sizes, colors, textures. Some are in attractive stripes, vibrant checks, or even solid colors. They often end up making the kitchen and dining space look warm and colorful. Dish cloths are used beyond the kitchen as well for different cleaning purposes. They are usually stitched on the corners which makes them durable. If taken proper care the dish cloths can last longer.

Proper Care

Always use fresh dish cloths. Have separate kitchen dish towels for different purposes. Try not using the same cloth to wipe hands and wipe off the dishes. If proper care is not taken, then the used wet cloth can lead to bacteria. Wash them regularly and follow a laundry schedule for kitchen towels as well. Make sure they are dried off after use every day. Wet dish cloths can develop odor as well which makes the kitchen a little unpleasant.

Make sure the dish cloths are dry before you load them into the washing machine. The linen kitchen towels, or waffle towels will be best suited as farmhouse kitchen towels can be machine washed at normal temperature and can be dried off in the tumbler or on a clothesline.

They are light weight and can be folded and easily stored in the kitchen cabinets and drawers making them easily available when needed. A smart and sustainable option, the kitchen towels or dish cloths or dish towels are the best way forward to keep your kitchen and home a cleaner place.