How to Set Up a Bed Easily

Setting up a bed is almost like an everyday ritual for me. Getting a good sleep depends on a lot of factors besides the bed itself. It’s about having the right surroundings. Right does not mean there is a formula according to which you should create your surroundings. Right here means the overall cleanliness, hygiene, and the aura you bring into the bedroom. It’s about having things in place. When you walk into your bedroom or any other room for that matter and you find that things are placed where they belong, it automatically calms you and declutters your mind, essential for a good sleep.

Making a bed that gives you the much-needed comfort is quite easy. Follow a regular laundry schedule so that you can keep track of when the bedding must be changed and make your bed every day. Follow few basic steps and you will have a bed ready.

Use Fitted Sheets for a Neat and Smooth Look

The most important thing when it comes to fitted sheet is getting the right measurement of your mattress. If the measurement is not accurate the fitted sheet will fail to give you the look and feel you desire. For me, the bed needs to have a smooth look. I am really not happy when the sheets are not straightened. With kids in the house sometimes it really used to get difficult maintaining the tidy look, till I got used to using queen fitted sheet and twin fitted sheet. Go for fitted sheets that have deep pockets. These pockets ensure that the mattress fits in well. Also, the elastic should run across the length of the fitted sheet and not just on the four corners. This ensures a snug fit and you will seldom find the sheet looking untidy.

Use Fresh Flat Sheets

Flat sheets are a must for our house. We use it to cover the duvet or it is just spread on the fitted sheet. It keeps the bed covered and cozy and we all love slipping into it once we are in our pajamas.

The Right Pillows

Ensure you have the right kind of pillows. If they are not as per your comfort and requirement, you might develop a lot of problems with your neck. With time, the pillows tend to get flat. This often happens due to the moisture absorbed in them. So, fluff them up a bit when you make your bed. You could even leave your pillows in the sun for a while. Have the right kind and size of pillowcases. Your skin and hair rests on the pillowcases and you breathe into this fabric. Therefore, the fabric of the pillowcases and your bedding should be natural and organic to avoid any chemicals coming in direct contact with you.

Finish with a Throw

Finally, give your bed the warm and cozy look with a throw. The light and breathable throw gives your room a carefree yet elegant look.

Somehow for me a throw just brings it all together.

Making a bed or setting up a bed has evolved into an art for me, not one which is done professionally or one which looks perfect but one that makes you happy and comfortable. Once you start doing it regularly it becomes a habit you will love and not want to sleep without. It is worth the time and effort in making a bed. After all, it is a well-rested body and mind that is productive and in a happy space.

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