Cotton Throw Blankets for a Cozy Living Room and Bedroom

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There are some words that instantly give us the feeling of warmth and love. Blankets and throws are one such thing. All I can think of is curling up and relaxing.


The good thing about ACL throws and blankets is that they are weaved with organic cotton. The pure fabric of the cotton blankets makes it a perfect recipe for a healthy and a safe lifestyle. We love cotton throw blankets as they can be used throughout the year.

When it comes to throw blankets, size is important so that you can spread or drape around comfortably. The cotton blankets are available in both king and queen size. Get the one you can use on your bed, sofa, table, and couch. The sofa throws or couch throw is an elegant way to protect the surface of the sofa. It surely transforms the complete look of your home.

waffle throw blankets

All Cotton and Linen offers both waffle weave and cirrus organic cotton throw blankets. The cirrus throw blankets are also textured and have dangling tassels. The tassel throw blankets add to the aesthetic of your home décor. Whichever throw blanket you pick for your home they are super soft and will make you want to sit back and enjoy a cup of coffee, binge watch, or read a book.

A throw blanket in a home has various uses besides adding to the warmth, elegance, and décor. Leave it on the sofa and give your living room a casual and modern look. If you have a stool or a table, the cotton throw blanket or tassel blankets can be spread on that as well. Just adding one throw blanket to your living room will take the look notches up. Needless to say, a throw blanket on a bed is all you need to relax. Use it as a bed blanket or a standalone bed spread. Once the bed is made, finish it with a throw blanket and give your bedroom the cozy and comfortable look. A throw blanket looks good and is useful in a kid’s play areas also. The child will love the soft feel of the fabric and it is absolutely safe for the child as the blanket is crafted with organic cotton and natural colors. The cotton throw blanket is lightweight, and can be carried for picnics, weekend trips, and holidays.


waffle weave towel

Give your home a modern look with the breathable and snuggly cotton throw blankets. The throw blankets are available in soothing colors which aid in relaxation. There are a few in bright colors too like midnight blue. Our collection has a good mix of bright, neutral, and light colors. Use the throw blankets without worry as they are reusable, durable, and machine washable. Though the cotton throw blankets are delicate, but with basic care and maintenance, the blankets will stay with you for long. You can machine wash the cotton blankets in normal temperature water, make sure to wash the colored ones separately, tumble dry and iron them at less than 30 degree Celsius.

 There is no place as relaxing and comforting as home and our home deserves to be dressed up in a way that makes it more warm, welcoming, elegant, and beautiful. A place where not just our bodies but our souls get rejuvenated. Give your home the warmth and comfort of cotton throw blankets.

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