Drape a Throw and lounge in coziness!

You know that feeling when you feel relaxed on your couch with your favorite beverage in your hand and a TV show/ book to keep you company? This kind of feeling is always associated with warmth and comfort. All Cotton and Linen is here to provide you just that.

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Our Cotton Throw Blanket is the perfect companion to snuggle with and unwind for the day. With the ideal blend of luxuriant and light, our Waffle Blanket is just the right accessory you need to add to your home décor.

Brighten your living room with a pop of color and texture using our Waffle Blankets and incorporate a cozy ambience to your home. Find yourself reaching for our Throws during couch time snuggles and they’ll also be your best road trip buddies!





Woven with all-natural cotton, our Waffle Throw Blankets are available in an array of colors, design and size to suit your needs and preferences.

The most-liked of the lot is our Organic Cotton Waffle Weave Blanket measuring 90x90 in, which is regarded to be the classic queen size Throw in a natural shade.

Made using a honeycomb-like pattern, with tiny indented squares over the surface of the blanket leads us to the genesis of the term “waffle weave”,

Waffle Weave Blankets have the right combination of thick and thin, which enable it to be cozy during colder days and breathable during warmer ones. This allows you to experience the true magic of cotton blankets.

Manufactured to properly regulate body temperature, the Throw Blankets allow you to enjoy all the weathers from chilly evenings and crisp mornings to warmer evenings and sunny mornings.


A beautiful teal tinted throw to elegantly complement your interior design. With dimensions 50x60in, ACL Throws are amazing style makers that add pattern, color, texture and warmth to your homes. Finished with a neat fringe, the Cotton Throw Blankets are durable and hypoallergenic to suit your lifestyle needs.

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Who doesn’t love fresh new home décor? Introducing our collection of Cotton Throw Blankets in exciting colors and design!

Sporting new and novel stripes and a clean-cut fringe, with 50”x 70” dimensions, choose your preferred tint: Blue-Grey, Aqua Blue, Midnight Blue, Light Orange and Natural Beige. Find your perfect accessory to lounge on the couch, for picnics and beach trips in our farmhouse style Throw Blankets. Check out new collection here!


Light up any part of your house instantly by just adding this Throw Blanket to that area. Make any corner cozy with this perfectly sized piece of cloth.

How to drape a throw?
  • Drape the Throw over the back of the couch as a utilitarian accent piece.
  • Fold over the back of a chair as a décor statement.
  • Roll up the Throws and stack them in a basket next to the couch or fireplace to add a homey, cabin-like feel to the room.
  • Create a casual cascade over the foot of your bed.  Later the Throw over your comforter/ quilt to add texture to your bedroom décor.
  • Drape the Throw over your patio furniture to feel cozy outdoors.


One of the best things about our Cotton Throw Blankets is that they are not high maintenance. With limited care, the Blankets will last a long time and prove to be extremely reliable. For great durability, just wash the Waffle Blankets on a gentle cycle with your regular detergent and tumble dry on low or no heat. You can avoid the extra hassle of dry cleaning the blankets. Avoid using harsh bleach and fabric softeners to make them last forever.

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