What Your Home Decor Says About You

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Home is where the heart is and our homes are pivots of our existence. And indeed, why not?! It’s been said that homes are extensions of our personalities. It’s your personal touch, that exclusive individual imprint that transforms an impersonal brick and mortar structure into the warm cosy home that’s your pride.

Your home decor is a reflection of your own persona. We all love neat, well laid out surroundings but our hurried lives don’t always let us achieve that modicum of perfection. No worries, it’s okay to be a little messy! As long as it exudes warmth and feels welcoming, the rest automatically falls in place.

When it comes to home decor, a few pointers are very relevant. Say, your living room has bright splashes of colour in the form of a vibrant rug, bright cushions or colour block murals hung in walls.  A person entering your living room will take in the ambience and can immediately perceive the vibrancy and animated vibes. Chances are they can gauge the flamboyance and spiritedness in your character. Again, a touch of the verdant, in the form of house plants and flower arrangements strewn around reflects your love for the outdoors. Your investing in so much greenery around the house is indicative of the communion you share with nature.

Many a time mantel places or table tops become overcrowded with knick knacks, so much so that it becomes a hassle to find a particular object. Fret not, often it indicates a need to be productive and purposely fully engaged all the time! Again, neutral colour schemes across the room show that you are someone who loves order and calmness in everything.  An artfully placed artefact in a corner can transform the whole look of a room. It can also reflect your innate sense of aesthetics.

While decorating homes, a penchant of acquiring organic and sustainable products shows your awareness and conscious concern for the environment, a trait that’s wholly welcome! It tells anyone who enters your spaces... about your sublime nature, about your authenticity, and the fact that you make an effort to care for those around you, and for the world. 

Can you ever have too much green or natural light in your home, nope right? The glorious charm of greens and the magic that's natural light breathes life into every space. These lovely ladies here show us how. Scroll through their feed and get inspiration that's sustainable, green and low waste!




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