Buffalo Check Placemats


Somethings never go out of style. In fact, with time they gain more importance and become an intrinsic part of our daily lives. Such is the presence of placemats on our dining tables. An essential accessory for all homes, placemats not only protect your dining table from stains, heat, scratches and spillage, but also brightens your dining table making it look attractive and cozy at the same time. The subtle fabric of the placemats helps you to clean food spills with ease.

The placemats from the house of All Cotton and Linen sporting Buffalo checks will add to your décor and functionality, which you are going to love, and others will admire.


Crafted with cotton fabric, the placemats are available in a set of four. Cut into 13×18 inches, the placemats are a perfect spread for any dining table, kitchen table or an office table. Choose from a range of colors like, black and white, red and green, navy blue and white, red and black, blue and black. Made with organic essentials the colors are completely safe.

The premium cotton fabric ensures that any spillage is absorbed easily and protects your table from heat stains, water marks and scratches. The reusable and environmentally friendly placemats are durable and will be with you to make memories for a lifetime.

Even if they get stained or dirty post usage, they can be washed at a temperature not exceeding 30℃. If washed with care and ironed, after every use, the placemats will retain its original form, texture and appearance.

After being with you for years, even when you decide to discard the placemats, you can do so guilt free as all the placemats are made of cotton and when disposed they will easily degrade without causing any harm to the already fragile and suffering environment.


Did you know toxic metals like cadmium and lead used in manufacturing plastic bags leach out and contaminate the food stuffs we carry in them. Because of the non-biodegradable and impervious nature of plastics, if disposed in the soil, they could arrest the recharging of ground water aquifers.

The single use plastics are a huge threat to the environment. Each time it is discarded after use it keeps accumulating and continues to choke the earth. According to a report, by 2050 plastic will be responsible for up to 13% of the total carbon budget.

Using eco-friendly products is not a fad. It’s a way of life which sooner or later will be adopted by all. There will be no option but to imbibe these miraculous products into our daily lives to restore the environmental balance.

Being recyclable and chemical free these organic products will help us to improve the quality of the land, prevent water contamination, and conserve biodiversity.