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Placemats for Dining TablePlacemats for Dining Table
Placemats for Dining Table
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Cloth Placematsdining table placemats
Cloth Placemats
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Light Blue PlacematsLight Blue Placemats
Light Blue Placemats - Set of 4
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Checkered Placemats Checkered Placemats
Checkered Placemats - set of 4 (Beige)
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Plaid PlacematsPlaid Placemats
Plaid Placemats
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Farmhouse PlacematFarmhouse Placemat
Farmhouse Placemat - Set of 4
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Somethings never go out of style. In fact, with time they gain more importance and become an intrinsic part of our daily lives. Such is the presence of checkered placemats on our dining tables. An essential accessory for all homes, buffalo plaid placemats not only protect your dining table from stains, heat, scratches, and spillage, but also brightens your dining table making it look attractive and cozy at the same time. The subtle fabric of the cotton placemats helps you to clean food spills with ease.

The placemats from the house of All Cotton and Linen sporting Buffalo checkered will add to your décor and functionality, which you are going to love, and others will admire.


  • Crafted with cotton fabric, the buffalo check placemats are available in a set of four. Cut into 13×18 inches, the plaid placemats are a perfect spread for any dining table, kitchen table, or office table. Choose from a range of colors like black and white placemats, red and green placemats, navy blue and white placemats, red and black placemats, blue and black placemats. Made with natural elements the colors are completely safe.
  • The premium cotton fabric ensures that any spillage is absorbed easily and protects your table from heat stains, watermarks, and scratches. The reusable and environmentally friendly buffalo plaid placemats are durable and will be with you to make memories for a lifetime.
  • Even if they get stained or dirty post usage, they can be washed at a temperature not exceeding 30℃. If washed with care and ironed, after every use, the checkered placemats will retain its original form, texture, and appearance.
  • After Being with you for years, even when you decide to discard the cotton buffalo plaid placemats, you can do so guilt-free ad all the placemats are made of cotton and When disposed they will easily degrade without causing any harm to the environment.

Buffalo Check Placemats for dining table: 

  • Functional and Stylish Cotton Placemats: 

Home décor is about being both stylish and functional. The cotton placemats cater to both these requirements. The set of 4 cotton placemats will look classy and will be high on utility as well.

  • Absorbent Cotton Table Mats: 

Any spills during meals can be taken care of by the soft woven thick table cotton placemats, thereby protecting the surface of your table. 

  • For a Complete Table Setting: 

Have fun decorating your tablescape with the timeless and classic checkered and striped cotton placemats and you are sure to love the look. Complete the look of your table with matching or contrasting cotton napkins.

Buffalo plaid placemats

Red and White Buffalo Check Placemats -100% Cotton Placemats - Red Placemats

Checked placemat cotton: 

  • Cotton Table Mats for a More Defined Look: 

Give your dining table a cohesive and a more defined look with the set of 4 cotton woven placemats. 

  • Soft Cotton Table Placemats: 

Weaved with cotton, the cotton dinner placemats have a soft texture which makes it easy to use, fold, and store. 

  • Reusable and Durable Cotton Plaid Ribbed Table Mats: 

The reusable cotton placemats are hemstitched which makes them durable and ideal for everyday use. 

  • Safe for Everyday Use: 

The cotton woven placemats are crafted with natural fabric and natural colors and makes them safe for you and the environment.