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Cotton Mesh Produce Bags

Cotton Mesh Produce Bags

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reusable mesh produce bags
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These Mesh bags are perfect for daily shopping, grocery shopping, and weekend shopping. We have crafted Organic Cotton Reusable Mesh produce bags at All Cotton and Linen with cotton fabric, which is reusable and machine washable reusable produce bags. 

They are best to carry to Farmer's Market for storing fruits and vegetable bags. You are on the right track since you are browsing the eco-friendly products. Now that you are here, please go through the description and make the right choice of purchasing it not just for your needs but also for saving our planet.


  • Available in 3 Different Quantities Set of 3. Set of 6, and Set of 9.
  • These cotton reusable mesh produce bags are made of :
    • High Quality
    • Neatly Double Stitched,
    • Beautifully Designed,
    • Clean Looking,
    • Foldable,
    • Machine Washable,
    • Elegant, and lightweight. 
Reusable cotton mesh produce bags

With the goal of crafting net zero produce bags waste products, these reusable produce shopping bags are manufactured with the superior quality GOTS certified organic cotton, adopting modern techniques and following the set norms of the market.

The cotton mesh produce bags come with drawstrings that ensure that the products inside are secure and they can be hung as well to reduce space consumption.

Our mesh cloth bags package comes with a cotton bag so our shop is a package free shop, and produce bags that keep produce fresh.

The bags also have the tare weight tag available in various options which can be used as per the customer need and results in shorter waiting time at the supermarket queues.

Free from chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and insecticides these organic cotton products are a strong proponent of organic food and organic living. This makes the bags hygienic for all kinds of daily products.

It's super easy. Here are the 6 steps that will help you make one:

  1. You will need mesh, sewing kit or machine, cord, ruler, scissors
  2. Cut out a rectangle piece of the mesh depending on the size you need
  3. Fold it into a half and sew the bag. Fold the top into a little more than an inch and sew it
  4. Turn it the bag out keeping the stitches inside
  5. Cut a cord basis the size of the bag and take it through the channel of the bag. Tie the ends and repeat the same with another cord running in the opposite direction
  6. Hold both the ends and pull it to secure the contents within

Try it for yourself. The produce remains fresh as the mesh bags are breathable with adequate air circulation. This allows the ethylene gas to escape keeping the fruits and vegetables fresh. Please store the fruits and vegetables separately. Potatoes and onions too should not be stored together for best results.

Reusable bags are usually made of cotton, hemp, or jute. But the ones that are biodegradable and therefore eco-friendly are the ones made with 100% organic cotton.

Reusable bags that are GOTS certified are made with 100% organic cotton. They are lightweight, handy and the fabric used is devoid of any harmful chemicals or dyes which makes them the safest and the healthiest available option.