Cotton Mesh Produce Bags

Cotton Mesh Produce Bags


Reusable Cotton Mesh produce bags are perfect for daily shopping, grocery shopping, and weekend shopping. We have crafted Organic Cotton Reusable Mesh produce bags at All Cotton and Linen with cotton fabric, which is reusable and machine washable reusable produce bags. 

Best for farmers market produce bags. You are on the right track since you are browsing the eco-friendly products. Now that you are here, please go through the description and make the right choice of purchasing it not just for your needs but also for saving our planet.


  • Available in 3 Different Quantities Set of 3. Set of 6, and Set of 9.
  • These cotton reusable mesh vegetable bags are made of :
    • High Quality
    • Neatly Double Stitched,
    • Beautifully Designed,
    • Clean Looking,
    • Foldable,
    • Machine Washable,
    • Elegant, and lightweight. 
Reusable cotton mesh produce bags

With the goal of crafting net zero produce bags waste products, these reusable produce shopping bags are manufactured with the superior quality GOTS certified organic cotton, adopting modern techniques and following the set norms of the market.

The cotton mesh produce bags come with drawstrings that ensure that the products inside are secure and they can be hung as well to reduce space consumption.

Our reusable produce bags package comes with cotton bags so our shop is a package free shop, and produce bags that keep produce fresh.

The bags also have the tare weight tag available in various options which can be used as per the customer need and results in shorter waiting time at the supermarket queues.

Free from chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and insecticides these organic cotton products are a strong proponent of organic food and organic living. This makes the bags hygienic for all kinds of daily products.


Since the net zero produce bags are made of organic cotton, they allow the ethylene gas to escape, making them highly breathable. This ensures that the bags are safe and can be used in multiple areas:

  • Food is the most important part of our daily lives and we go to any length to ensure what we consume is fresh and hygienic. Therefore, the most important and primary use of these bags are for carrying and storing fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator. Often the greens wilt away due to the dry air of the refrigerators. These bags if slightly dampened before storing can keep the greens fresh and crunchy for a longer period.
  • The bags are also used for grocery shopping as it is stretchable and helps in identifying the different products stored.
  • Since these bags are safe, they can be used as reusable sandwich bags as well.
  • An excellent option to ensure your home is organized and clutter free, these bags can be used as storage bags for toys and other items that can be hung with the drawstring. You don’t really need to run through different boxes and drawers when you need to find these items as they can be easily located in these bags.
  • The organic cotton mesh produce bags are reusable and an excellent alternative to single-use plastic bags, paper bags, nylon produce bags for fruits and vegetables.
  • Share the joy of using these reusable bags for produce with your loved ones and spread the awareness by gifting them with one of these sets. It is a unique gifting option for those who care about the environment but are unable to contribute much towards the betterment.


Did you know toxic metals like cadmium and lead used in manufacturing plastic bags leach out and contaminate the food stuffs we carry in them. Because of the non-biodegradable and impervious nature of plastics, if disposed in the soil, they could arrest the recharging of groundwater aquifers.

The single use plastics are a huge threat to the environment. Each time it is discarded after use it keeps accumulating and continues to choke the earth. According to a report, by 2050 plastic will be responsible for up to 13% of the total carbon budget.

Using eco-friendly products is not a fad. It’s a way of life which sooner or later will be adopted by all. There will be no option but to imbibe these miraculous products into our daily lives to restore the environmental balance.

Being recyclable and chemical free these organic products will help us to improve the quality of the land, prevent water contamination, and conserve biodiversity.