Why do Waffle Weave Blanket Shrinks?

waffle blanketThe waffle weave blankets are woven with natural cotton or organic cotton without the use of any chemicals or fire retardants, making it absolutely safe and eco-friendly. You will know the blanket is made of 100% organic cotton once you wash it. Only the 100% organic cotton blankets will spot little honeycombs across the fabric and shrink after washing. That is the hallmark of a real waffle weave. If the fabric doesn’t shrink or form the honeycombs you can be sure that it is not made of 100% organic cotton. The appearance of honeycomb on the fabric is critical as it provides the expanse needed for the water to evaporate from the fabric helping it dry faster.

bed blanket

You will come across blankets described as "waffle weave", but often they are just made of microfiber fabric sporting a waffle pattern. This can be misleading as although they look like a waffle weave, but their inability to shrink post washing, forming the little honeycombs is what differentiates them from the real waffle weave blankets.

The diamond pattern spread covers an area of 90x108 inches keeping in mind the factor of shrinkage. Therefore, despite the shrinkage, the blanket continues to remain versatile. It dries faster in natural sunlight due to its lightweight fabric. I read somewhere that drying them naturally ensures higher durability of this product.


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Though this waffle cannot be eaten, it sure can add warmth and elegance to your décor. This soft and snugly companion is lightweight and breathable making it perfect to give a careless yet refined look to your room. Though it’s a blanket, it can be used throughout the year. Popularly used as a drape or a throw or even a spread, the waffle weave is a favourite household essential. The smoothness and softness of the waffle weave blanket makes a house turn into a home. It can be stored easily as it takes very little space once folded.

Despite the shrinkage which is a given for all naturally woven cotton blankets, the waffle weave throw blanket is popular due to it multipurpose usage. This breathable blanket is just right, not too warm, not too cold to snuggle in. Get yourself one for that chilled-out look!