5 Alternative Ways to Use Organic Cotton Produce Bags

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Author: Ellie Quinlan

Organic cotton produce bags can be a great way of cutting down your use of single-use plastics at the supermarket, but have you ever thought about other uses for them? Here are 5 things you can use those mesh bags and tote bags for that aren’t related to your grocery-list and that will help you use less single-use plastics in other areas of your life.

  1. Use them to store toys. I love using the mesh bags for kids’ Legos, sand toys, and other play pieces. They can easily see inside the grocery bags without having to dig through a jumble to find just what they’re looking for! And, the bags keep things contained for easy storage in larger receptacles like baskets, boxes, shelves, and under-bed storage.
  2. Make them your go-to for picnics and hiking. Stash sandwiches, trail mix, bottles and cans in your muslin bags, and use mesh bags for items like fruit and vegetables. And, you can practice leave-no-trace by using one to pack out your trash if bins aren’t available to you. Just be sure to give them a good wash once you’re home!
  3. They double as packing cubes! I always have at least one in my carry-on luggage for corralling odds and ends that invariably show up at the end of my trip. And, I’ve even used them to keep things like underwear, socks, scarves, and tights separate. I love that my items can breathe (thank you, mesh!) and still be organized.
  4. Use one as a mini-laundry bag in your gym tote. We’ve all been there: trying to rush off to work after a great, kick-butt class and you get stuck playing hot potato with sweaty gym clothes. Not the best start to your day, right? I keep a muslin cotton produce bag on hand and stash my unmentionables for later. I’m on my way in no time!
  5. Gifting a bag of coffee as a hostess gift? The muslin bread bag is the ideal wrapping paper! Your hostess will be able to keep and reuse it, and she’ll think of you every time she does. Who knows, she might even get hooked on it and get more for herself! Then you’re giving the gift of coffee and sustainability. I like to tie on a sprig of fresh flowers with some twine or ribbon for a bit of rustic elegance.

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