For an Oh-so-Pretty Table Setting!

This is especially for the decor lovers who love to deck up their homes. All the design enthusiasts will understand that dressing up the table is as important as decorating the other parts of the house. After all, it is said that “The fondest memories are made when gathered around the table”, right?

So, all the more reasons to bring together a pleasing tablescape!

table runners

All Cotton and Linen is here to lend a helping hand to contribute to the beautiful tables in your home.

ACL Table Runners:

ribbed placemats

Our Table Runners provide the ideal vintage look with a touch of farmhouse vibes. Sporting two different classic designs, Country Stripes and French Stripes, our Cotton Table Runners are just what you need to add a rustic aura with their quintessentially delightful patterns. Lay out your tableware, glassware & centerpiece on our Table Runner and witness everything coming together in a cohesive look, all while protecting the surface of your table.

More about the Product:

ACL Table Runners are available in the sizes 14x72 and 14x108 to comfortably cover the length of the table. They are also extremely versatile in their usage: Table Runners for round tables, rectangle tables - suitable for any type of dining tables.We’re also very glad of the fact that our Rectangle Table Runners are manufactured in an environmentally responsible manner. So, indulge in these utilitarian accessories to enjoy being eco-conscious!

Paint a Colorful Table!

Pick a shade you like and embellish the table of your liking! Elegant blue, striking red, bold grey, soothing beige – Choose your favorite tint and set the tone of the table!

A Reason to Celebrate…

Our Table Runners are for an all-kinds-of-occasions type. Introduce our Runners during weddings, holiday parties, thanksgiving dinners, and your casual family dining to add to the charm of the event.

Style it up!

Here are some useful tips to incorporate our Table Runners to your table setting:  If you’re layering Tablecloth and Table Runner, make sure that the latter doesn’t hang lower than the former.  Lay out the Table Runner down the center of the table to highlight your centerpiece.  For a round table, place two Runners in a “X” formation.  To create a placemat type effect, position Table Runners across the width of the table, connecting guests sitting across from each other.

The Complete Table:


Table setting is considered as a form of expression. People who love to host parties and get-together's can relate to the art of dressing a table.

An impeccable table would have almost all of these items: Tablecloth, Placemats, Centerpiece (Flowers, Candles, Fruit Bowls), Table Runners, Fine China/ Dinnerware/ Cutlery and Napkins. To add the finishing touch, the table should be topped with delicious food, surrounded by people, interesting conversations and laughter! Ultimately, this is what makes a meal whole, complete and thoroughly enjoyable!

Tick of the must-have in your list of things for the perfect table by purchasing our Table Runner and forget all about spills/ damage to your tables!

Check out our Kitchen & Dining collection to further adorn your beautiful tables.

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